Mobility is evolving. In metropolises, public transportation systems are a critical pillar. In urban environments, autonomous driving and emobility are the models of the future. In aviation, lightweight construction and aerodynamics are still the order of the day. Changing requirements for worldwide mobility is for us a great market we happily support. Whether on the road or rail, we seize the enormous potential for efficiency with integrated transport concepts and networked means of transport. With resource-saving manufacturing processes, lightweight materials and smart technologies, REHAU is asserting itself as a successful development partner to the automotive, rail and aircraft industries.



Worldwide network

REHAU conductor rails with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality are in demand for underground and suburban railway projects around the world. REHAU is electrifying 200 new kilometers of conductor rails in the Malaysian metropolis of Kuala Lumpur – for a passenger capacity of up to 880,000 people a day. This is a milestone for the city's infrastructure with a safe, fast and comfortable means of transport.

Vision autonomous driving

The "Smart Backend" is a REHAU concept study of the vehicle rear end, equipped with technologies that could shape the future of mobility. Based on our polymer manufacturing and painting expertise, we focus on technologies that enable visual communication and seamless design, and innovative lighting.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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