As family-owned business, we think long-term. Therefore, sustainability for us is not only the driver for the ecological change in economy and society but our commitment to future generations. At REHAU we focus on waste avoidance, recycling management, conscious use of green electricity and continuous expansion of recyclable materials in production and much more. We have recently reduced the ecological footprint of our products by an average of 35 percent. In combination with our partners, we have implemented recycling management in many products such as windows, tubing and furniture profiles – and this does not end with downcycling, but with the high-quality recovery of materials for long-lasting "second-life products." 

Digital REHAU Sustainability Report:


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How new profile systems emerge from old windows

In 1988, REHAU was the first company to begin collecting production cut-offs from its window manufacturers for use in new window profiles. REHAU also recycles old plastic windows, which are taken back by our partners during the renovation of buildings. Our own recycling facilities will help double the use of recycled materials in REHAU European window production to 50 percent in 2020. In 2016, REHAU processed more than 40,000 tons of recycled granulate, all of which found its way into the production of new profiles, tubes and windows.

100 year service life and with no end in sight

The sewer shaft system AWADUKT PP, made of the extremely durable and robust material polypropylene, is recognized for its particularly sustainable production. Since 2016, it carries a "Cradle to Cradle" Gold environmental certification, which describes the safe and potentially infinite circulation of materials. For the shaft systems, the flow channels can also be produced by 3-D printing in order to implement individual flow geometries quickly and in a resource-saving manner.

Raw material. Recyclable material. Raw material.

Sustainable products are booming. They improve the eco-balance. But not all industries like to talk about them. Resource consumption is a major global climate and environmental issue. At REHAU, resource efficiency and the avoidance of waste are a basic component of our production chain. In edgeband extrusion, for example, the complex process of machine set-up results in production scrap. Rather than considering this material waste, we have developed methods to return 100 percent of it into the production cycle.

Sustainability Officer REHAU Group

Andreas Jenne

REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG
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Tel.: +49 9131 / 925 - 481

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