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Air conditioning and ventilation technology

REHAU is a recognized sector specialist in the manufacture of products for air conditioning and system Construction. Our areas of expertise lie primarily in the development and production of customer specific components through to complete systems. 

For a perfect indoor climate

A large number of leading industrial companies in air conditioning and ventilation technology rely on REHAU know-how to implement their product ideas. In the development and manufacture of plastic profiles and molded parts up to complete systems for air conditioning, room ventilation or exhaust air purification, REHAU, as a reliable manufacturer, realizes a wide variety of customer requirements - from the standard-compliant material selection to the item-specific required assembly method.
REHAU processes complete range of materials and colors in the fields of thermoplastics, and elastomers and realizes, among other things, rectifier profiles and droplet separator profiles, separator cassettes and frame systems for air conditioning units and filters.

Advantages of air conditioning and ventilation technology products

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cleaner healthier air, less pollutants
  • Easy to install
  • Weight saving

Range of services

  • Customer-specific development and production of semi-finished products and systems
  • Standard program for rectifier and droplet separator profiles including spacers
  • Frame systems for air conditioners, and filters

Areas of Application

  • Central air conditioning units
  • Clean room technology
  • Room ventilation
  • Process dehumidification in industrial applications
  • Cleaning of industrial exhaust air
  • Filter elements from molded parts and assembly elements


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