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Find a REHAU dealer or distributor near you. 


Find projects ranging from net-zero construction to kitchen designs to automotive system solutions.  

Automotive & Mobility

Bumper/exterior systems, air and water management as well as sealing solutions direct to manufacturer.  

Airport Construction

Advanced building technology and systems solutions coupled with application-specific expertise.

Path to Net-Zero

Radiant heating and cooling is used in 50% of net-zero energy buildings.

Hotel & Hospitality

REHAU high-performance window and door designs create quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient properties. 

My Home

Premium quality systems for the home including windows and doors, HVAC and modern cabinetry. 

School & Campus Buildings

REHAU building technology is found in some of the world's most energy efficient schools. 

Sports Field Turf Conditioning

PEXa pipes installed beneath the field promotes soft, healthy turf and a safer playing surface.

Snow & Ice Melting

Radiant heat applied to outdoor surfaces increases safety and reduces winter maintenance costs.