The centerpiece of production – our plants.

In the automotive plants, finished components emerge from development and design data. Our know-how in various production processes allows us to produce a broad product range and a high diversity of products. For example, we produce over half a million different bumper systems. We supply our finished products directly to the production line of the car manufacturer. Throughout the entire production process, REHAU adheres to the highest safety standards for the protection of the employees.


REHAU Production Process


Since extrusion of the first products for the automotive industry began over 50 years ago, REHAU has constantly advanced the quality and performance of the extrusion lines. In the extrusion process, a compound in granular form is taken in and transported through a screw and it is plasticized by friction and additional heating. During the further transport through the screw, the pressure increases and the molding compound is squeezed through a subsequent tool as an unending, lengthwise, semi-finished product in the form of a strand or profile. The profile of the strand corresponds to the contours of the tool. Depending on the tool shape, REHAU uses this process to produce items including sealing profiles.

Extrusion Blow Molding

This process is a combination of extrusion and hollow body blow molding. Here, the hot parison coming from the extruder is placed in the molding tool, cut off and inflated in the mold. The process is suited for example to the production of technical hollow bodies. The differing wall thickness in the molding is typical. REHAU uses of the process include the production of air ducts.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a process for the production of molded components. Using a system comprising screw and barrel, a compound is brought to a plastic state, quickly injected into a sealed, temperature-controlled mold and ejected as a molded component after cooling and solidifying. REHAU uses of this process include the production of bumper systems and spoilers.



Using complex technology, the finished moldings are painted in one or more colors. This is done in our own highly automated, dust-free plants. REHAU paints vehicle components in more than 200 car colors for the international automotive industry. In Germany alone, the area painted every day is equivalent to around two professional soccer fields. In order to meet customer demands, one of the principal tasks is the development and production of processing concepts and procedures in line with the latest technology.


This extensive working area comes after the actual production process. REHAU autonomously develops and installs product and customer-specific fabrication facilities on the basis of decades of experience. The production and processing concepts for working, handling and installing plastic components are created in line with the latest technology and implemented according to qualitative and economic considerations. With work stages such as ultrasonic welding and gluing, the various products are brought to the final state desired by the customer then subjected to final inspection by quality control.


As an established system supplier to the automotive industry, REHAU has comprehensive logistics know-how. In a way that is both innovative and geared to the respective requirements, we configure the logistics process holistically. Here, the tasks along the supply chain are implemented autonomously, although in close consultation with our customers. An experienced team consistently oversees all phases of the logistics process, from planning through project support to implementation, even for complex projects with JIS/JIT handling or a high diversity of variants. Short response times are possible thanks to our customer-oriented installation and logistics center.