Today, we are already addressing the mobility of tomorrow.

In our research and development area, the focus is on future trends and technologies. We tackle the challenges of future mobility. Lightweight solutions and alternative drives have been identified as sustainable trends. In the area of alternative drives, REHAU Automotive is focusing on fuel cell vehicles. Unlike electric battery vehicles, these allow greater ranges and can be refueled quickly and easily. In the area of lightweight design, REHAU Automotive is developing solutions that achieve a weight savings of up to 30 percent, which increases range and reduces CO2 emissions.

Hydrogen pressure tank

Alternative Drives

The development of high-performance materials in combination with complex process technologies allows the production of high-strength components. These are used in vehicle construction particularly for the efficient storage of hydrogen or for the construction of safe housings for battery systems. The responsibilities of REHAU include the development and function of a hydrogen pressure tank and a housing for automotive traction batteries.

Front-end carrier

Lightweight Structure Design

The use of new composite materials in innovative production processes facilitates weight savings of up to 30 percent in vehicle construction. This both reduces the CO2 emissions and increases the range of vehicles with conventional and alternative drives. For the Mercedes M-Class, REHAU is responsible for a hybrid front-end carrier consisting of two components: plastic and sheet steel, which are inserted as stiffening elements and overmolded with plastic.