Reefer and Trailer


As a partner to the truck supplier industry, our strength in the fields of sealing technology and exterior components lies not merely in the manufacture of semi-finished products or in the creation of complete, fabricated systems, but, more importantly, in our ability to process all conventional forms of thermoplastic material to create intelligent solutions for trucks, buses or agricultural equipment.

All our products are tailored to the customer’s requirements.

In this regard, our customers are able to profit from REHAU expertise in the areas of manufacturing, conceptual material design as well as tool making.

Special demands are made with regard to temperature, longevity and weight savings when it comes to reefers.

REHAU’s cover and surround profiles, together with silicone sealsmeet these demands.
Beyond this, their reliable sealing characteristics also contribute to the goods arriving well cooled, and saving additional fuel losses during shipment.

Our focus lies primarily with curtain side profiles for trailers, reefer assemblies for trailers, as well as silicone roof seals.