Live Rails


Technology for the third rail from one source, including aluminum-steel composite live-rail.

The permanent joining of steel and aluminum brings a multitude of advantages. As such, there is no longitudinal slip, no minimum steel thickness, and the joint is not subject to wear or dependent on the clamping force.

However, that is not all:

Individual extrusion profile

  • Low tolerances
  • No grinding, longer product lifetime
  • Easy installation

No weld areas / no stop marks

  • Consistent mechanical material properties
  • Higher short circuit load capacity
  • Greater mechanical load capacity

Ready-made, straight steel inserts

  • No bending of the steel shank during extrusion
  • No corrugated steel surface
  • Lower wear, longer product lifetime
  • Low noise in operation
  • Lower strain on the pantograph
  • Lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)