With projects spanning 14 countries, REHAU is a global leader in integrated building systems for modern aviation facilities.


From landside terminals, parking lots and passenger transportation to airside hangars, aprons and runways. Today REHAU hydronic technologies are deployed in more than 50 airports around the globe, from the new Terminal 3 at Stuttgart Airport in Germany to a mega-sized maintenance hangar at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in Turkey to multiple heating, cooling and ice melt systems at the High Altitude Aviation Training Site in Colorado.

In-slab radiant heat doesn’t dissipate as fast as overhead systems when massive service doors are opened for aircraft maintenance. Energy savings can range from 40 to 55 percent over forced-air unit heaters based on an independent hangar study. Heated slabs also dry out faster as aircraft shed snow and ice, reducing slippery surfaces.

Efficiency in aircraft hangar heating

An aircraft hangar is a challenging space to heat. Large amounts of heated air escape when hangar doors are opened for aviation and maintenance equipment to enter and leave the space. By heating the floor surface rather than the air, REHAU radiant in-slab heating allows owners to lower costs and reclaim control of hangar temperature.

To prove the effectiveness of hydronic radiant for aircraft hangar heating, a national third-party engineering firm performed a simulation in five US cities across four different climate zones (Zones 3-6) comparing three heating options:

  • Forced-air unit heaters
  • Gas-fired overhead infrared heaters
  • Hydronic radiant in-slab heating

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Across the climate zones, in-slab hydronic radiant heating showed up to 55% energy savings over the benchmark forced-air unit heaters.


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