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Beverly Garland Hotel I Los Angeles, California

REHAU System 4500 tilt-slide doors provide sound abatement, energy management for Hollywood’s Historic Beverly Garland Hotel

When Hollywood Walk of Fame actress Beverly Garland and her husband purchased seven acres of land in 1970, she was realizing a long-time dream. Garland and her entire family designed The Beverly Garland Hotel, a 262-room guest oasis just steps away from all of Hollywood’s famed attractions. “

Striving to keep Beverly’s legacy alive, the hotel remains an embodiment of loyalty, compassion, community service, creativity, spontaneity, joy, hard work and generosity,” said James Crank, asset manager at the Beverly Garland. With guest happiness in mind, hotel management recently sought a solution to sound abatement issues with the original doors leading to exterior balcony-patios Beverly Garland herself had specified for each of the hotel’s rooms and suites.

“The hotel’s location near the ever-bustling Los Angeles freeway and Universal Studios amusement park meant that the original aluminum-frame exterior doors were no longer sufficient in insulating guests from sounds outside,” Crank explained. “In addition, energy management had become a concern as we realized the HVAC systems were working extra hard to maintain agreeable temperatures for our guests.”

“Originally we’d done a mock-up installation with an aluminum replacement door that still wasn’t buffering out all the sound, and even facilitated need for us to build out a secondary exterior wall and door,” said Crank. “But when we came across the System 4500 uPVC solution from REHAU, we were encouraged it could meet our performance needs right off the bat.” REHAU

Western Region Sales Manager Ralph Childs adds, “They were very excited about the thermal value of the System 4500 door design, which translates to significant energy cost reductions when compared with the performance of aluminum frame doors. Also, our clay-colored profile blends nicely with the historic hotel’s rustic mission-style and wood features.”

Childs and Crank worked with REHAU team and fabrication partner ECO Windows on the production, delivery and installation of 262 System 4500 tilt-slide doors, which were installed in a short three-month time frame in the spring of 2013.

“The hotel wanted to remain as operational as possible during the door replacement process, and to keep guest impact and room downtime at a minimum,” said Roman Masznicz, principal of ECO Windows. “We helped them stay on schedule with the goal of replacing six door systems per day.” “

Our experience with the doors now that they have been installed has been phenomenal,” Crank said. “We’ve seen a real reduction in noise coming into the room, and the overall aesthetic exterior appeal is even better than expected. Also, our housekeeping staff has found they are easy to clean, operate and maintain.”

Project:Beverly Garland Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Type of Construction:Hotel, door replacement in 2013
Scope of Project:262 doors
REHAU Systems Used:System 4500 tilt-slide door

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