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Find your place at REHAU.

We’re here today because one man pursued his idea for doing something different. We make and move real things, clearing a way to secure forever customers.  We want to nurture your individual spirit, spark curiosity and ignite the passion within you. When you are inspired, we all benefit. Each day is unique; jump in and carve your own path. As a global work family of doers, we collaborate, celebrate each other’s victories and encourage honest feedback to be true to our customers, our teammates and ourselves. Take the lead, get your hands dirty and make something better today.

Work somewhere great

Join our work family.

“I chose REHAU because I enjoy leading developments that solve complex problems. Shortly after joining our engineering team, I was given responsibility for launching a new plumbing fitting program. In addition to working closely with our experienced local team, I owe much of my success to overseas colleagues in Germany and Asia-Pacific who supported me as if I were working side-by-side with them.”

Amritpal Gill

Technical Team Leader

Building Solutions

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at REHAU.

Be yourself: We mean it. We hire individuals based on their unique, remarkable qualities; not because of their pronouns or skin color. Your one-of-a-kind mindset gives us unbelievable strength. Our work teams come from many corners of the globe and diverse walks of life. Age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation and gender identity shouldn’t keep you from reaching that highest plateau. Come as you are to our judgement-free zone.

Carve your path.

Your individual spirit makes each one of our local work families unique. You don’t need to fit in to be accepted or earn our trust; you’ve earned it from day one. Your unique life path adds strength and diversity to our teams, so share with us what you’ve learned along the way. There’s no idea too small, no dream too big that we can’t strive for together. Step onto the path that leads to your truest self; your teammates will cheer you on.

“REHAU stood out to me since our first interview that included both US and German citizens. I was hooked immediately when I joined the team, as I work in a department that focuses on creating new business revenues for REHAU offices all over the world. With the positive atmosphere from fellow co-workers globally, I am confident that I have the trust and support for my projects whenever it is needed.”

Tiffany Kongvaranont

E-commerce Specialist

REHAU New Ventures

“I was allowed to be creative and challenge the way things were because I had teammates and a boss who, like me, knew there was a different way but didn’t know how we could get there. Now, everyday, our team is able to dream together. We’ve built a new standard for how things can be and have turned what was once aspirational into an everyday reality. I can be the artist in the office and don’t need to hide my vision for fear that it’s too outside the box.”

Devin Chicas

Senior Creative Specialist

Region Americas

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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