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Circa Green Lake I Seattle, Washington

REHAU casement windows permit maximum daylighting, deliver on structural integrity of upscale Lakeside Complex.

The upscale residential complex of Circa Green Lake, adjacent to Seattle’s Green Lake Park, features modern amenities and design elements that appeal to the area’s metropolitan lifestyle. To maximize daylighting in the residential units, while maintaining a high level of structural performance and energy efficiency, developers selected the REHAU System 1400 compression seal casement window design. Provided as combination units, these System 1400 windows also feature an architectural bronze exterior finish, achieved by applying an environmentally friendly polymer foil engineered for long-term weather resistance. The result is a visually appealing, reliable window solution that contributes to the overall comfort and satisfaction of Circa Green Lake residents.

The System 1400 design offers a compression-seal projected window that provides high energy-efficiency, structural and acoustical performance, and security. Compression seal windows generally provide better long-term air infiltration and water penetration resistance than sliding windows because they reduce friction and wear on weatherstripping.

The System 1400 casement design also offers outstanding emergency egress where safety concerns may be an issue. The system has achieved hurricane impact ratings, providing design flexibility along the coastal regions which require adherence to strict building codes. The System 1400 window design offers the ultimate in high performance. Its features include:

  • Awning and hopper windows that are the perfect choice for use in smaller spaces because they open completely, allowing for effective ventilation
  • A design with up to six locking points between sash and frame, making a very tight seal for extra security and comfort
  • A sash that accepts insulated glass up to 1 3/8 in (35 mm), enhancing thermal properties and achieving acoustical rating of STC 40
  • Three continuous seals on sash that provide superior air and water barrier
  • An unreinforced chambered frame that achieves a DP-75 rating in a 36 in x 60 in (0.9 m x 1.5 m) size
  • A contoured sash that creates a millwork look

Project:Circa Green Lake
Location:Seattle, Washington
Type of construction:Newly-constructed, mixed-use
Scope of project:1,084 window elements*; 43 doors
General contractor: Trammell Crow
REHAU systems used:

System 1400 casement window*

System 4500 door

*Each window element may contain several windows put together.

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