Human Resources and Communications Internship

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When I applied for the Human Resources and Communications position, all I knew was that REHAU was a polymer company. But I soon learned it does much more than I originally expected. On the first day, all the interns had an orientation where we learned all about the company and its different divisions. I was able to see how well-rounded REHAU is as a company.

I was both excited and nervous to start my position, just because I’d never had this kind of job before, but my supervisors, Heather Mason and Sue Martin, made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I was able to be honest with them about things that confused me and wasn’t sure about. They always gave me enough space to work on my own projects, but then come back to them for approval.

My tasks for the Human Resources Department included screening resumes for various job openings, writing job descriptions, conducting research and coordinating Red Cross First Aid Training.  For the Communications Department, I recreated the “About” page on our North American website and worked on implementing our Practicing Wellness initiative by doing research and holding workshops for employees. I definitely felt like these projects made a difference at REHAU – all of these projects will be utilized in the future to benefit employees and also visitors of our site.

During my internship with REHAU, I’ve been most surprised with the amount of trust REHAU has had in me. A lot of the projects are big projects that I wasn’t sure I had the experience level for, but my supervisors completely trusted me and let me be in control. My favorite part about the internship was getting to work with a lot of different people and gaining experience in both the Human Resources and Communications industries.


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