Innovations Engineering Internship

Robin Han

I became interested in applying for a position at REHAU, because I saw I would be able to collaborate with different departments, rather than just experiencing one area of the company. Most of my projects focused on doing research for the company for potential product ideas, which allowed me to work with different departments to determine whether their ideas were feasible or not.  I would research submissions for the Innovations Committee, meet with material experts and then summarize my findings by writing executive summaries.

I was able to develop a cultivating relationship with my supervisor, Max Rohr, as he was very open and always gave me feedback whenever I needed it. He was engaging and checked in to make sure I didn’t have any questions. He even helped me to see potential career paths by encouraging me to talk to other engineers in the office. During my internship, I learned about all of the different job opportunities there could be for me. My supervisor made sure that I had a better understanding of what kind of job I would want to have in the future.

Since my internship dealt with talking and working with different departments, it really helped me to improve my adaptation skills. For example, one day I would be researching about bacteria for building solutions, and the next day, I would be researching about decorative wall panels for furniture. This experience helped me to see what a career in research and development might be like.


I enjoyed planning the Company Picnic the most. The last company I worked at was fairly large, so we didn’t have the opportunity to have something like this. I liked being able to work with the other interns and also get to know people around the office that I otherwise may not have talked to.


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