Connecting your home with the outdoors

Make upgrades that unite inside and outside.  

People are spending time at home, often in spaces that don’t accommodate their needs. Many have found the answer is elevating outdoor components of the home to create more livable space as well as renovating indoor spaces to connect more with the outdoors.

Bring the heat

Throughout the pandemic, people felt safer connecting with family and friends outdoors, even in the freezing cold. This lead to creative solutions—constructing fire pits, installing heat lamps, or even ensuring they could still have a pool party in December.

A refreshing dip in the pool is the perfect way to wind down after a long day of working from home, but relying on the sun to warm the water leads to inconsistent water temperatures and limits swimming to warmer months. Heated pools invite year-round relaxation, even on cloudy days and cool evenings.

Nothing ruins your swim more than emerging from the warm pool into the cold, outside air. While outdoor space heaters can provide warmth, they only reach short distances. Add warmth to your entire patio by installing radiant heating underneath the tile or concrete surface.

Go with the fold

One area that is often overlooked during renovation is the way we move from one space to another--doors. The doors that lead to the exterior spaces of our home have the ability to control the flow from inside to outside and vice versa.

When hosting a dinner party outside, you want to be able to move smoothly from the kitchen to the patio. Sliding, folding, and french doors enable the visibility and mobility that join two spaces into one. These doors allow for open floor concepts to continue outside with their wide, unobstructed openings.

As an added bonus, on days when you can’t spend time outside, the next best solution is the ability to leave your doors wide open so that fresh air can flow through your home.

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Make it work with windows

Sometimes your space won’t structurally allow for big folding or sliding doors. That’s when rethinking your windows comes into play.

Expansive windows such as bay windows create more space in a home while simultaneously connecting you to the outside. Skylights bring a new perspective, giving you a view the sky from inside. There’s even the option for using windows as a backsplash in a kitchen, bringing in more light while you cook or entertain.

Any of these window options are great solutions to bridge the outside and the inside.

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Take the outside in

Connecting with the outdoors doesn’t always require creating actual openings to the outdoors. You can feel more connected to the outdoors simply by decorating your home with surfaces that match the materials and elements of your backyard.

Try picking a kitchen cabinet surface that imitates the wood of your deck to provide visual continuity and a more expansive feel. If your office features a window overlooking your backyard, you might select a desk surface that has the tone and texture of the big oak tree you gaze at throughout the day.

These are some ways you can shrink the boundary between inside and out while also creating a cohesive feel throughout the house and with its surrounding natural environment.

Give yourself the ability to branch out into the outdoors by creating spaces inside and outside your home that connect you to the elements of nature.

By Diana Maher, REHAU Communications

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