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Cooking and cleaning appliances

Superior sealing and tubing technology

REHAU produces sealing profiles and hoses for cooking and cleaning appliances that can be tailored to meet most any design and material requirements. REHAU’s gaskets are formulated to withstand extreme heat without compromising their capacity to perform.

Among the features of REHAU gaskets are:

  • Three-sided and four-sided profiles, in open or closed frames
  • Cut lengths, punched or drilled
  • Innovative bonded hook system for easy assembly and a tighter seal
  • Extruded in a range of hardnesses from 25 to 80 Shore A, or co-extruded in two different grades of Shore hardnesses
  • Push-in versions
  • Self-adhesive foil option
  • Diverse use of materials offered, including PVC, polyolefins, TPE and silicon

REHAU cooking appliance gaskets can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Oven door seals
  • Smoker gaskets
  • Range hood baskets

Washer hoses

Committed to quality, service and innovation

REHAU wet appliance hoses are manufactured to high quality standards and are tailored to meet and exceed specific requirements.

REHAU appliance hoses:

  • Resist pressure
  • Resit temperature
  • Resist a broad spectrum of media
  • Exceed national and international standards
  • Exceed potable water regulations of individual countries
10I-D038 - 99177446

Gasket and profiles

0000D380_9069_1 - 9069

Innovative, Quality Solutions

Using the latest technology in testing and application analysis, REHAU creates the best profiles for washers and dryers.

All REHAU profiles can be supplied:

  • Fabricated and delivered ready for assembly
  • In cut lengths
  • In all popular materials
  • Single-colored, multi-colored or transparent
  • In high gloss, matte and/or textured finishes
  • With internal or surface decorative film
  • With co-extruded flexible sealing lips

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