Mastering modern part III: Creating your modern interior design

Making modern design easy

Push design limits by mixing materials for the perfect modern look 

Modern interior design can be intimidating. However, this design style provides an opportunity for “the brand of you” to shine through.

The crisp, clean lines of modern interior surfaces provide an elegant backdrop for other styles or materials you may wish to show off in your space. The skillful combination of mixed materials—high-gloss and brick for example—can set a comfortable, casual tone. By integrating the latest technology with your modern surfaces, you can enhance functionality for years to come.

Modern vs Contemporary Design 

What makes an interior modern compared to contemporary? Contemporary design is whatever is currently popular—so it’s always changing. If someone were to describe what contemporary looks like right now, they would say that it’s shabby chic, yet traditional. If you asked someone to give examples of a contemporary style from the 1990s, it would include hunter green-colored kitchens, floral-patterned furniture and even carpeted bathrooms. If someone were to describe what modern looks like, their answer wouldn’t change throughout the decades. Modern design, which emerged in the 1960s, includes use of natural materials and is usually based around white or gray which add to its expansive feel. Metallic textures, such as brass and bronzes, along with other mixed materials, such as cement or roughed-up wood, are play a major role in modern design.

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Clean, Simple Lines 

When it comes to your interior design, you don’t want it to be intimidating. With modern design, the clean lines with square corners provide a minimalist look. Keeping those lines simple, instead of ornate, creates a blank backdrop for personal embellishments to become accents to your design. Overall, the simplicity of these lines make for a less cluttered feeling within the home.

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Technology Additions 

Technology is starting to become an asset in all aspects of our daily lives. Televisions and smart tablets are great multitasking tools that you might want to add to your kitchen. Scientists are working on creating video camera projectors that can track whatever you place onto your countertop and even give you relevant recipes or cooking tips. For example, the camera might be used to show you exactly how to cut the specific piece of fish that is on your countertop. Smaller technology additions include pop-out electric sockets, wireless charging countertops and built-in tea and coffee stations.

Confidence in Your Individual Style 

Designers are meant to execute your vision rather than coming up with their own. This allows for your dream “Pinterest world” to become a reality. You get to create your own space by combining all of your styles from online into one unique design. If done well, your home will start to showcase your personality instead of just being a place you live.

Don’t let the words “modern interior design” scare you into thinking it won’t work with your current home’s design. Making small changes to your home can make a big difference. It can be as simple as adding some exposed shelves or adding texture to your surfaces. If you are redesigning your home completely, you have the opportunity to create your own modern living space that is luxuriously simple, with highlights of your story throughout.

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If you’re ready to start creating your own modern interior design, check out REHAU’s website.

By Jesse Collins, senior marketing manager, furniture solutions 

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