Color Options

Core colors

920-D009 - 41450857

Looking for a clean, classic finish or a darker base beneath foiling?  

REHAU extruded window and door profiles are offered in three core colors. Plus, our proprietary uPVC formulation provides resistance against weathering with above-average quantities of TiO against fading from solar radiation.

After five years of weather testing in Arizona, REHAU’s formulation performed better than standard uPVC. Our surface quality, high gloss level2 stabilizers and impact modifiers protecting help repel dirt and improve the trueness of color.

white core - 103935
beige core - 103932
clay core - 103934

Decorative foils

730-D003 - 64366

Recognizing the growing trend of adding color to uPVC window and door designs, we are pleased to offer interior and exterior color options for our high-end window and door systems. Available in solid colors and woodgrain patterns, decorative foils applied to REHAU profiles are a durable and aesthetically appealing color solution.

This proven color technology opens a world of design freedom for architects and owners to create stand-out residential and commercial designs.
REHAU uses foils from RENOLIT Corporation. For interior applications, wood ticking is applied to the foil to provide the warm look and feel of real wood. Exterior foils provide superb color retention suited to the extremes of North American climates.

Exterior colors

700-D324 - 73472

Show off to the outside world. 
Creating the perfect color scheme for your property goes beyond walls, floors and furniture. It extends to the outside, where your style can continue to reflect.

Colors shown are close representations of foil colors.

Contact us about availability and upcharge of optional colors. Always request samples for accurate color match. Exterior foil colors have a 10-year limited warranty.

021276000013-808302_Silber_D_Silver_D - 103944
021281000045-116701_Schwarzbraun_Black_Brown 8518 - 103952
Bronze NA
021281000041-808302_Shadow_Black - 103951
02 - 1105534
Black Smooth
6 Anthracite Grey Smooth CONTEMPORARY WS UK - 19338302
Anthracite Grey

Interior colors

AL-D1990_CL - 102152

Windows and doors are an architectural focal point - make your color count! 
Choose from a variety of woodgrain patterns to create a warm and inviting interior or an eye-catching, modern design. Colors shown are close representations of foil colors.

Contact us about availability and upcharge of optional colors. 

Always request samples for accurate color match. Interior foil colors have a 10-year limited warranty.

9 - 103939
9 - 103949
Soft Cherry
9 - 103940
Golden Oak
9 - 103938
Light Oak
9 - 103942
Irish Oak

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