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We have thousands of solid tone edgeband colors in our palette with thousands more to match decorative requirements: from fine woods to plywood multiplex effects, artistic design combinations to brilliant stone and trendy metallic prints. Thanks to our years of experience in professional color management, you will always find the right unique item for your project at REHAU. Be it the forever favorite whites or a completely unique unusual print for a custom design or retail project.

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  • Thousands of colors and designs available, and adding every single day
  • True custom color matching - not only cross-referencing
  • Wide range of matches to all major HPL and TFL brands

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IML_01743 - 98625

Provide convenience and flexibility with PVC

Whether you need a value thin generic for shelving or a durable, more ergonomic thick edge for high-traffic areas, we have all the PVC edgeband options covered. You can also choose our market-leading contour banding - a softer material making handling and trimming easier.  REHAU FlexEdge: A durable and impact resistant semi-rigid edgeband, REHAU FlexEdge® handles a radius as small as 12 mm without extra pressure or excess adhesive. The flexible 3 mm material trims easily and is ideal for use with contour edgebanders.


  • Available in a wide range of colors, woodgrains and patterns matched to all popular high-pressure and TFL surfaces
  • Lacquered for maximum protection and gloss control
  • Superior machinability for easier processing
  • Consistently growing colors in stock

Dekorkanten RAUKANTEX decor

Adapt with ABS

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is chlorine free both during manufacturing and in the final product. Unlike PVC, ABS may be incinerated with general waste, is lighter in weight and highly heat resistant. This thermoplastic material resists impact, which is especially important for office furniture applications. ABS is used as a substitute material for PVC edges in carpentry and woodworking. It has properties similar to PVC, but is inherently more weather resistant, so no stabilizing agents need to be added.


  • 99% naturally recyclable and chloride-free
  • Lighter in weight and highly heat resistant
  • Most shops make the leap to ABS easily because there are no changes in planning, running or adjustments on machines
  • REHAU LaserEdge capable
  • Consistently growing colors in stock

Learn more about ABS zero-joint edgeband options

IML_01698 - 70382

Be green with polypropylene

As a very neutral synthetic material manufactured completely of petroleum, Polypropylene (PP) is fully recyclable, odorless, physiologically harmless and burns as clean as a candle. Beyond its general environmental friendliness, PP offers enhanced chemical and heat resistance, greater flexibility and a wider scope of processing possibilities than other polymers. PP also provides a higher UV resistance to fading and greater suitability to contour processing than other non-PVC compounds. These properties make PP ideal for use in household applications and food preparation environments. PP may require some process changes such as specific scrapers or router rotation, but these changes are typically easy to achieve.


  • Highest level of ecological benefit
  • Most color-stable chemistry and its flexibility allows for straight and contour processing.
  • Very good heat conductivity and absorption
  • Excellent UV stability
  • High degree of heat resistance
  • Extremely low shrinkage

Learn more about PP zero-joint edgeband options

IMG_4967 - 94914

Marvelously shine with mirror gloss

Shiny, reflective surfaces are key, and the edging makes all the difference in creating a smooth, sleek look. REHAU offers gloss edging with an innovative mirror-gloss surface with no orange peel effect.


  • Gloss level > 85 gloss points
  • Incomparable surface calm (no orange peel)
  • Creates a monolithic look between board and edge
  • Wide range of colors combined with trending high-gloss panels

Edelmattkanten RAUKANTEX color elegant matt

Elegant matte for absolute flat

Elegant matte is a completely new generation of edge. With a gloss level below 6 gloss level points, the millwork edge has high scratch resistance, while the user benefits from its resistance to fingerprints.


  • Gloss level of <6 gloss points
  • High scratch resistance
  • High resistance to fingerprints
  • Wide range of colors matching trending super-matte panels

3D-Optik-Kanten RAUKANTEX magic 3D

Two-step with glass

With Duo-design and V-edge step design , REHAU combines the unique look of real glass with the positive characteristics of polymer materials. Duo-design provides a look of glass sitting on top of an acrylic board, and V-edge gives the illusion of an aluminum edge without the weight.


  • Shatterproof and lighter
  • Depth effect and no frame effect
  • Multi-faceted color variants, coordinated with trendy panels / laminates
  • Unique glass-like looks:
  • Duo-Design: Frameless look with flush glass plate effect
  • V-Edge: Composite look with glass plate mounted on a metallic support effect

G98-D062 - 84888

3D gives a new dimension

Magic 3D edgeband creates an illusion of depth and embossed texture using a decorative print that shows through a transparent PMMA surface. Using two different lacquer types, we have successfully created the illusion of 3D. With excellent processing capabilities, Magic 3D can handle tight radii, trim easily and be polished or beveled without damaging the print below.


  • Three-dimensional depth effect
  • No picture frame effect
  • Can be matched or used as a contrasting edge
  • Good radius compatibility, apply easily around corners
  • Post-processing finish possibilities
  • Radii can be polished while retaining the decorative print even when milled

26146-100-1 (1) - 20513880

Create magic with metal

Whether cool aluminum or high-quality stainless steel - metal is every increasing demanding trend in design world. Our unique, proprietary process effectively combines metals and polymers to achieve a true metallic look without the processing difficulties of traditional metal banding. Experience Magic II with real metal foil - the premium metallic edging that can be used in any design.


  • Laminated real metal foil
  • Aluminum or stainless steel finish applied to the surface of a PP (polypropylene) base
  • Look and feel of traditional metal banding
  • Easily applied with standard edgeband equipment; straight line or contour edgebander

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