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Whether it's edging, edgeband, edgebanding or edge tape to you - put a signature touch on your projects with thousands of colors and sizes in multiple formulations. To this day, REHAU edgebanding is our core competence in the millwork and cabinetry industry. We symbolize what our customers and partners value about us:

Reliability, flexibility and an innovative spirit.

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  • Known as the edgeband supplier with the best color matches in the industry
  • Stock program refreshed daily with the latest designs
  • Order quantities as small as 100 ft coils
  • Edgeband manufacturer who is constantly working toward the next big thing in edging 
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Reliability: superior color-matching and consistency

We are set apart from other edgeband suppliers with superior color match technology. Our dedicated color lab team creates the perfect match you’re looking for with a quick turnaround time. With a combined 50+ years of plant experience, we pay attention to every detail in our step-by-step color match process. Our matches have a color difference less than 1 Delta E, day in and day out - meaning the color you order today is the same as the color you'll receive always, no matter the material or size.

Woodgrain Edgeband
Woodgrain Edgeband
Woodgrain Edgeband
Decor Edgeband Option
Edgeband Option
Decor Edgeband Option

Flexibility: thousands of colors and sizes available

No matter what the formulation, color, brand or size, we REHAU has you covered. We match the latest collections of the leading HPL and melamine manufacturers. We stock thick and thin in industry standard sizes so shop 10,000+ SKUs and we’ll ship as little as 100 ft today.

Innovative spirit: solving the market's edging issues

We have pioneered edging to solve your problems including our famous REHAU FlexEdge® semi-rigid for contour applications and REHAU LaserEdgeTM adhesive-free zero-joint edgebanding. 

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