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REHAU PVC tilt-slide doors

Hilton Embassy Suites I Napa Valley, California

Hilton – Embassy Suites Napa Valley raises a glass to comfort, sound management provided by REHAU System 4500 windows and doors

The Hilton – Embassy Suites Napa Valley provides a level of relaxation and sophistication that is well-matched to the experiences of the surrounding world-renowned wine region. Set on seven acres of landscaped grounds just one mile from downtown Napa, the 205-suite property is a haven for guests looking to unwind.

To ensure the highest quality experience for its scrutinizing guests, management of the Embassy Suites Napa Valley commenced an extensive two-year renovation in December 2011.

“Originally constructed in 1985, the hotel was in need of several updates in all its common areas and guest suites, as well as upgrades and additions to amenities such as a state-of-the art fitness center,” said Reynaldo Zertuche, the hotel’s general manager.

The renovation project also included complete replacement of all guest suite windows and doors. “The original windows and doors had 30 years behind them, and you could kindly say they’d seen better days,” Zertuche said. “Most notably, noise and outdoor air infiltration had become an issue.”

Seeking a high-performance window and door solution, hotel management initially installed a mock-up aluminum-frame door to test sound abatement and aesthetic appeal. When the door did not perform to the required standards, management approached REHAU about the company’s alternative uPVC profile solution.

“This project required a robust window and door solution,” said Ralph Childs, REHAU Western region sales manager. “Increased sound abatement and high energy performance were at the top of the list. Aesthetics were important due to the sophisticated Mediterranean look and feel of the hotel.”

Childs and his team specified System 4500 tilt-turn window and tilt-slide door designs from REHAU, achieving the desired acoustical STC 40 and U-value of .30. Working with the REHAU team and fabrication partner ECO Windows, the hotel’s engineering team installed 80 windows and 130 doors.

“Installing the new windows and doors required working around the high occupancy of the hotel, which is always a busy place,” said ECO Windows principal Roman Masznicz. “We worked very closely with hotel management to develop a 9:00 am to 5:00 pm work schedule, which is typically when guests are out of their rooms and enjoying wine country.”

The renovation has brought a new level of enthusiasm and energy to this hotel,” said Zertuche, “and guest feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are definitely now much more reflective of Napa’s image regionally and across the globe.”

Project:Hilton - Embassy Suites, Napa Valley, CA
Type of construction:Hospitality, renovated in 2012
Scope of project:80 windows and 130 doors
REHAU systems used:

System 4500 tilt-turn window

System 4500 tilt-slide door

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