How REHAU Equips Fabricators for Success

Find out how REHAU assists fabricators during the fabrication process in just four easy steps.

REHAU works side by side with fabricators to ensure a smooth fabrication process for our window and door systems, guaranteeing high-performance outcomes in every product. But when we sell you our profiles, we look forward to providing more than a product — our profiles come with decades of industry knowledge, unparalleled customer service and end-to-end support from our training, sales, technical and marketing team

From the outset of our companionship, REHAU equips your business for success by reinforcing the needs of your factory, providing your team with knowledge they need for fabrication and elevating the vision of your projects to new levels of innovation. Take a closer look at REHAU's four-step process for fabricators, from pricing machinery to on-site team training. 

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Our four step process 

Step 1: A personal assessment of your equipment

When teaming up with REHAU, our sales representatives travel to your facility to meet you in person. This meeting allows you to put a face to your personal REHAU agent and allows us to assess your space, what machinery and tooling you already have and what you still require.

If your facility is missing a key piece of equipment needed to fabricate our window and door designs, our wide network of industry connections comes in handy. We source quotes from at least two separate machinery providers to streamline the purchase process and save you time and resources. 

Step 2: Setting your factory's layout

Once you have the tooling necessary to fabricate our profiles, REHAU offers insights into the best operative layout of your facility. Whether you’re a seasoned fabricator or new to the business, REHAU helps you get the most out of your existing factory space.

We make suggestions on any adjustments your space might need to account for new fabrication equipment or to improve the production efficiency. And if you’re just starting out, our support team can help turn a bare factory into a strategically designed ecosystem. We also outline the details you should keep in mind, such as safety procedures and where profiles and finished products should be stored. 

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Step 3: Assistance ordering material

We stay involved with your fabrication process, providing you with PVC profiles you need to build our systems, while connecting you with suppliers such as glass and hardware vendors. This step is especially beneficial to fabricators who are new to REHAU window and door solutions or the PVC window fabrication industry. 

Step 4: On-site process training

Once you have the necessary equipment and materials, we train your team members through the REHAU windows and doors production process. Our in-person fabrication training demonstrates the start-to-finish process of manufacturing a REHAU window or door. Each program is tailored to the needs of your team: If your company has a large production volume, we can train a dozen or more of your employees simultaneously. If you want to pass the training on through a committed expert of your own, the training can be shared with just one or two members of your team. 

Training sessions typically range from two to four days (depending on the system), but our trainers are dedicated to remaining on-site until the process is mastered. Ninety days after the initial sessions, we check back in with your team to schedule an audit. This audit provides an opportunity for our REHAU experts to observe your team’s work and provide firsthand feedback on your operations, ensuring that your fabrication is efficient in every aspect and the products are made based on our quality standards. 

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We’re well known for providing high-quality performing window and door systems and top-notch customer service, and we’re dedicated to seeing every project all the way through. 

Contact us today to see how we can help enhance and streamline your fabrication process.

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By Adam Rucker, Technical Specialist, Window Solutions

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