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Floating shelves allow you to maximize space in a way that suites your taste.

Fashion and function in shelving design

In recent years, we’ve seen storage move from being primarily hidden to being a modern design component that enhances beauty and purpose. With no visible hardware and substantial storage capacities, floating shelves actively contribute to the open storage trend in residential spaces.

Floating shelves greatly contribute to decluttering spaces. Their openness ensures that everything is kept neat and tidy, with stored objects on full display rather than hidden in a box or cabinet. There are several ways that floating shelves contribute to the design and organization of a home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Space Maximization and Placement

Floating shelves can fit into small spaces, allowing you to make the most of each area and free up valuable floor space.

You can install floating shelves in between windows, along a backsplash and in corners of rooms to add purpose to typically unused spaces.

This is especially useful in areas that could use a little extra storage or organization, but don’t have much floor space, such as bathrooms. Installing floating shelves above the toilet and topping them with towels, soap, lotion, tissues or candles is an excellent way to beautify the bathroom and maximize storage space.


Looking for a way to alter the mood of your kitchen or bathroom? Floating shelves can help you set the overall tone of these rooms, as they can be made in many colors and finishes from high-gloss to matte to textured woodgrains. Wooden shelves are a popular choice to achieve a rustic farmhouse feel, while matte black or grey shelves are popular for those who wish to achieve an industrial design.

Floating shelves are highly customizable in size and finish, giving you great flexibility to design an appealing and functional display. You can choose whether you want your shelves to grab attention through bright colors, or to be more of a subtle addition through neutral colors.

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If you want to experiment with your modern design skills, floating shelves are a cost-effective way to do so.

To personalize your shelves, you can decorate them with items such as framed photos, plants, books, artwork or vases.

You can vary your décor with the seasons, simply by adding and removing items from your shelves. Mix objects with different shapes and sizes, creating a seamless juxtaposition that is not only visually pleasing, but fun to assemble! 

Express your style through decorating floating shelves. You can easily freshen up your kitchen through topping your shelves off with vases or plants.


The openness of floating shelves offers easy access to items you may reach for often. Cooking and entertaining can be made easier with open shelving, as everything you need is right before your eyes. When you’re entertaining, floating shelves invite guests to make themselves at home, as they can reach for drinks, glasses or dishes.

Don’t let the airy and open look of floating shelves fool you; they have large storage capacities. They allow you to store a variety of regularly used kitchenware, ranging from lightweight items such as cooking utensils to heavier items such as appliances. Floating shelves by REHAU can hold up to 15 pounds of storage per foot due to a patent-pending concealed mounting bracket, so they can handle the items you would typically store on kitchen countertops and in cabinets.

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Floating shelves are a modern, effective way to achieve both organization and style in the home. Currently, REHAU offers both cabinet doors and floating shelves in their RAUVISIO brilliant and RAUVISIO terra lines, giving you the ability to mix or match the color of your shelves with other components of your home.

By Erin Slupe, REHAU Communications

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