Win big, your way with REHAU fittings

Set yourself up for success with our trusted PEXa plumbing systems. 

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Win big, your way with REHAU fittings

Set yourself up for success with our trusted PEXa plumbing systems. 

PEXa plumbing with your choice of fittings

Win big, your way

As the fastest available installation method, EVERLOC+® gives you quick connections while also minimizing common installation challenges so you can head home early or move onto your next project with confidence.

We know your time is valuable. EVERLOC+ was designed with this in mind to help you: ace tricky installations, avoid rework and stay on schedule.

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Not tooled up? No problem. If you currently use F1960 fittings, we've got you covered. We understand if you want to stick with a familiar technique. So, we offer F1960 fittings that pair with RAUPEX® pipe to give you flexible plumbing system options that match your preferences.

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Ace tricky installations

Make sure you’ve always got what it takes to get the job done. With so many ways to customize your system, we’ve got the right fit for your toughest plumbing installs.

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Don't fear the cold

Cold temperatures are no problem for EVERLOC+. No need to keep PEX rings in your truck or pocket or wait on fittings to seal in frigid temperatures. Once the sleeve is compressed over the fitting and pipe - you're ready to move on.

Feeling crowded?

Easily bend RAUPEX PEXa around obstacles versus using elbows to make directional changes, saving time on labor and money on fittings. In addition compact, configurable, battery-powered tools make tight installation spaces a breeze to navigate. 

"It's easy to put the fittings together, even in cold weather. It's cold out here today and the fittings are going together great - once you get them together, they're secure." - Jake Albertson, Bighorn Plumbing & Heating.

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Avoid rework

Eliminate installation hassles that lead to rework. EVERLOC+ helps you regain control of your plumbing installs so you can get it right the first time and focus on what's ahead.

"With other products, you have to wait for the pipe to shrink back down. With EVERLOC+, you expand the pipe, put the fitting in and pull the sleeve over top. You know it's secure, it's done." Scott Rowland, PipeCraft Mechanical

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Deliver leak-free reliability. EVERLOC+ has a textured compression sleeve with four sealing edges to provide layers of protection from leaks. The textured interior allows for an extreme grip and immediate seal. As a result, you gain 360 degree connection control and easy visual verification. 

Consistency is key. 2 expansions, 1 compression and you're done. EVERLOC+ provides a consistent assembly technique no matter the pipe size or weather conditions. After a few connections, your team will master this dependable technique.

Looking for something else? We got you. REHAU also supplies standard F1960 fittings to pair with PEXa plumbing systems. Unlike insert fittings such as crimp, CPVC or press, F1960 removes the risk of dry fit as a cold-expansion fitting system. View product catalog >

Stay on schedule

Join the fastest plumbing crew around. EVERLOC+ will make others wonder how you finished that project ahead of schedule. The exclusive, compression-sleeve technology allows for immediate pressure testing – any size, any temperature – making EVERLOC+ the industry’s fastest plumbing installation method.

Speed matters. An independent time study shows EVERLOC+ installed 21% faster than PEXa with F1960 fittings. Learn more about how EVERLOC+ stacked up against the competition during the study.

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Already using F1960? Maybe you don’t have time to train your crew on a new technique. We get it, and that’s why you’ll find an F1960 fitting offering from REHAU at your local distributor. View product catalog 


"What I like best about EVERLOC+ is that you don't have to wait. If it's cold or wet - or both - you can make your connection and go. Once you put the fitting together, you're done." - David Isbell, Bonham Plumbing

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REHAU PEXa plumbing system benefits

EVERLOC+ fittings


  • Up to 1-year UV resistance with RAUPEX UV shield pipe, best in class for PEX pipe. 
  • EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings have four sealing edges to deliver leak-free reliability.
  • RAUPEX pipe resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup.  Metal piping alternatives may slowly build up scale, potentially reducing flow. 

EVERLOC+ construction


  • NSF 14/61 and CSA B137.5 Certified, for safe drinking water peace of mind, utilizing lead-free brass and polymer fittings. 
  • Stop leaks - 360 degree connection control, with a visual inspection, to know the system is assembled correctly.
  • No glues or chemicals are used during installation.
  • RAUPEX pipe flexibility can better absorb water hammer, pressure surges than rigid pipe.

EVERLOC+ XL Power Tool


  • No wait time for pressure testing, even in cold conditions, so you can move on to the next job, or head home with confidence.  
  • RAUPEX pipe and EVERLOC+ can be installed up to 65% faster than traditional copper plumbing systems, according to the Home Innovations Research Labs.
  • Flexible pipe requires fewer fittings than rigid piping, reducing installation time and cost.

Commercial plumbing: no matter the project, we got you

REHAU’s EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system is available in up to 2 in diameters for commercial plumbing projects.  Watch this video for the results of an independent, timed installation study from the Home Innovation Research Labs: See how EVERLOC+ was installed 65% faster than an identical copper solder system

Want to stick with the standard? If you're not quite ready to make the switch, choose F1960 to keep your commercial project on track. As a well-known installation technique, you'll capitalize on your crew's capabilities. 

"The EVERLOC+ system didn’t take much time to master; all of the components are designed to work together to create solid connections." Darrin Fahnestock, Commercial Plumbing Manager, Brubaker

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