Bicentenario Tower | Mexico

Offices in Large Modern Government Building Feature Furniture Built With REHAU Edgeband

Bicentenario Tower in Tamaulipas State, Mexico, houses state services and is an icon of modern government. The building is home to offices for more than 3,000 public servants who work in departments including Rural Development, Environmental Agency for Viable Development, Tourism, Tamaulipas Educational Department and Economic and Administrative Service Development Department.

Above the ground floor, the building includes 21 floors of offices, a mezzanine and a terrace where a restaurant and heliport are located. This construction has a total area of approximately 98,500 sq ft. (30,000 sq m) of which 24,000 sq ft. belong to state government offices. A majority of these offices contain furniture featuring REHAU edgebanding including SpectraEdge rigid and thin edgeband, RAUBOND Adhesive, and Melamine edgband.

This example demonstrates the broad range of our capabilities, which includes supporting furniture manufacturers with adequate supply for large projects with tight deadlines.


Bicentenario Tower

Scope of Project

REHAU edgeband in many different colors and sizes used for office furniture in the Bicentenario Tower.

REHAU Systems UsedSpectraEdge rigid and thin edgeband, RAUBOND Adhesive, and Melamine edgband
LocationTamaulipas, Mexico, Mexico
Type of ProjectMixed Use
Thick Rigid Edgebanding

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