REHAU: FENIX NTM: Bright Wood Works Inc. Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Bright Wood Works Inc. Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Bright Wood Works Inc. Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Bright Wood Works Inc. Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Bright Wood Works Inc. Kitchen

Bright Wood Works Inc. | Kitchen | St. Petersburg

FENIX NTM Matte Surfaces Cool Down This Hot Florida Kitchen

A young couple in St. Petersburg, Florida wanted to achieve their dream of building and designing a modern home of their own. When they instead discovered an older townhouse in the perfect downtown location, they deviated from their plan and purchased the property which needed a “down to the studs” renovation.

With a remodel this large, the couple wanted some help with their design plans. They reached out to numerous contractors and designers, but received the same “this is crazy” response regarding their desire for dark tones and modern fixtures. Finally, the homeowners got in touch with Michael Bright, an experienced cabinetmaker and owner of Bright Wood Works Inc., who collaborated with them on their over-the-top, all-black kitchen vision. 

Bright was introduced to REHAU cabinet doors a few years before at the KBIS show where he was looking for new and unique materials. “I liked FENIX NTM surfaces because of their anti-fingerprint and self-healing qualities. Everyone I showed it to loved it,” he says. With the superior matte product already in his showroom, he felt it would fit into the couple’s design “flawlessly.”

“When the homeowners saw the FENIX NTM surface, it was a slam-dunk. They did not want to see anything else,” Bright says. The couple recalls their first time seeing the matte black surface, “It was exceptional! Really unique. We loved the way it cleaned up and didn’t show fingerprints. It was also extremely durable. We liked it so much we decided against the Venetian plaster and made it into our kitchen backsplash as well.”

FENIX NTM is an innovative interior design product, unlike anything else on the market today. The material is super opaque and has nanotech properties that promote thermal healing, scratch resistance and impact resistance while providing a hygienic, ease-to-clean surface.

The updated design added 40 percent to the kitchen footprint and floor to ceiling all-black cabinetry, to create an expansive space. Black and gold accents were sprinkled throughout the interior, giving the homeowners the modern design edge they were looking for. “The pallet and lack of any other embellishments makes this project very unique. It is so minimalistic,” Bright explains. “Not a lot of people want to make this much of a statement. The homeowners were willing to go over the top.”

Bright found the FENIX NTM surface easy to work with. The cabinetry and kitchen island went in beautifully. The matching matte backsplash was miter folded – seamless and all out of one piece – to form the cooktop surround. Also seamless are the custom slab-style cabinet doors fabricated by REHAU using LaserEdge technology and finished with matte black pulls. A variety of wood tones on the open shelving, table and flooring lend warmth to the space.

The homeowners say, “This design breaks from tradition. Our biggest hurdle was accepting the fact that we had no idea how this would turn out. There was an uncertainty in doing something so different.”

When the couple finally saw their completed kitchen, Bright says, “They were wagging their tails. They absolutely loved every part of it. It took a little longer than they anticipated, but they were so appreciative every step of the journey.” The happy owners say, “It was an all-around great effort – with true craftsmen and great products.”

Bright emphasizes that the homeowners had a strong influence on the project and vision of the design, making them ideal to work with. He says, “We were merely shepherding them to make decisions. They had such positive energy and trust that took us in a great direction.”

Project TypeRemodel, completed in 2018
Cabinet ManufacturerBright Wood Works Inc.
DistributorGeorgia Hardwoods
REHAU Products UsedFENIX NTM® Nero Ingo with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology
PhotographyJulian Bright