REHAU: Dark Horse_Wildwood Project
REHAU: Dark Horse_Wildwood Project
REHAU: Dark Horse_Wildwood Project

Dark Horse Woodworks | Wildwood Kitchen | Atlanta

Custom cabinetry designer creates modern elegance with RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted glass surface with REHAU LaserEdge.

When an Australian couple came to the United States and set out to find a European, elegant, high-gloss kitchen look, Chris Dehmer of Dark Horse Woodworks knew exactly what to show them. The custom cabinetry designer was sure that RAUVISIO crystal would completely satisfy his customers and bring the European flare they wanted to their Atlanta, Georgia home. RAUVISIO crystal, a back-painted polymer glass solution from REHAU offers maximum flexibility for giving a glass effect to door and drawer fronts, backsplashes and side walls.

Established in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia, Dark Horse specializes in designing custom cabinetry and other home furnishings, allowing clients to choose all of the details -- style, materials, color, finish and size.

While embarking on the 10-month project, Dehmer said he and his team were excited to use the “coolest and latest technology” coming from REHAU. RAUVISIO crystal is easier to process than real glass, has much higher impact resistance and is lighter in weight. It also has no aluminum frame, is easier to work with than real glass and makes a stunning finished project. Plus, Dark Horse was eager to put their new Stiles AirTec edgebander to work.

Dehmer explained that his client looked at a few different options, but immediately turned down the textured melamine and fell in love with RAUVISIO crystal. “They were impressed by the sleek shine and how clear the surface was,” said Dehmer.  The advantages of crystal compared to other contemporary surfaces clearly stood out to them. RAUVISIO crystal offers 3D depth effect and the clarity of glass, excellent scratch and impact resistance and breathtaking mirror-quality, optical-grade reflection.

To complement marble countertops, the client chose RAUVISIO crystal Bianco with perfectly matching REHAU LaserEdge™ for their 300 ft2 kitchen (28 m2).

With an end result like this, it’s no surprise that both Dark Horse Woodworks and the client were extremely happy with the new RAUVISIO crystal kitchen. The elegant and modern look of crystal really brought this European inspired kitchen to life. 

LocationAtlanta, GA, United States
Type of ProjectKitchen renovation
CustomerDark Horse Woodworks
REHAU SystemRAUVISIO crystal™, REHAU LaserEdge
RAUVISIO crystal
REHAU LaserEdge