REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence
REHAU: FENIX NTM: STR8 Modern Residence

Nic Frost Cabinetry | STR8 Modern Residence | Minneapolis

REHAU Adds Modernity to This Successful Midcentury Modern Flip

In the suburbs of Minneapolis, two powerful design forces connected on social media and collaborated on a midcentury modern flip. This stunning renovation project used REHAU’s superior matte surface to transform this older home. Upon completion of the three-month renovation, the home sold immediately.

Tony Videen, the owner of STR8 Modern, a design company that specializes in renovating homes built in the late 50s and 60s, prides himself on creating special moments with his unique designs. When he stumbled upon this diamond in the rough, he quickly saw the potential in its spacious four-bedroom, four-bath open floor plan. He enlisted the help of local craftsman and cabinetmaker Nic Frost to work together to design and fabricate the kitchen and bathrooms throughout this house.

With a unified vision of clean lines and minimalistic style, the duo began to bring their plans to life. Frost introduced Videen to FENIX NTM, an extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint matte surface that features a smooth soft touch. Having worked with REHAU cabinet doors in the past, Frost was familiar with this product and knew it would be very appealing to potential buyers.

Two different colors of this surface were used to stay within the designer’s muted, modern color palette. FENIX NTM Nero Ingo cabinet doors were paired with a beautiful wood grain in the kitchen, while FENIX NTM Bianco Alaska doors gave a sleek finish to the bathrooms.

With the emphasis on details in this home, Videen spoke highly of the cabinet doors saying, “This surface was an actual matte black. Most matte products out there show fingerprints, but FENIX NTM does not.” When asked if he would use the cabinet doors again, Videen simply replied “absolutely.”

“Doing a kitchen that is this clean requires near perfection to get all the reveals correct and everything to work well together,” said Videen. “Every contractor had to be at the top of his or her game.”

When reflecting on the finished product, Videen proclaimed, “It was the most truly designed kitchen he has ever done. Throughout every detail – the cabinets, backsplash and floating shelves – we stayed on trend with a minimalistic design, while striving to create something that would last and wouldn’t ever go out of style.”

Project TypeRemodel, completed in 2018
General ContractorSTR8 Modern
DistributorHoldahl Company
ManufacturerNic Frost Cabinetry
REHAU Products UsedFENIX NTM® Nero Ingo and FENIX NTM Bianco Alaska with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology
PhotographyAlyssa Lee Photography