REHAU: SIBU Design: Haymarket Residence
REHAU: SIBU Design: Haymarket Residence
REHAU: SIBU Design: Haymarket Residence

SIBU Design | Haymarket Residence

SIBU Design Finds a Home for the Holidays

Everyone wants something shiny and new during the holiday season. For homeowner Cheri Kerxton of Haymarket, Virginia, her best gift this year came in the form of SIBU Design. This REHAU surface complemented the open concept floor plan and contemporary aesthetic of her new 3,100 sq ft townhome.

“While decorating our main-level family room, I realized that it was going to take more than a picture or mirror to make its very large, interior wall look finished,” said Kerxton. “It definitely needed to make a statement, so I started exploring ways to make that happen.”

REHAU: SIBU Design: Haymarket Residence

After browsing through various catalogs and online searches, Kerxton found SIBU Design on the REHAU Surface Solutions site. She connected with REHAU Marketing Manager Jesse Collins and the two went to work sifting through the 300-plus SIBU Design patterns to find the perfect match.

“I discovered that Cheri wanted something unique – something no one else on the street was going to have in their living room,” recalled Collins. “After evaluating the space, I pulled all of the metallic options from SIBU, and we landed on SIBU Design SL Crashed Old Platin. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to finish off the room.” As soon as Kerxton saw the sample, she put in a call to her contractor to have it installed before the holidays.

SIBU Design is a leading manufacturer of high quality, design panels specially developed for interior spaces. This product catches the eye with precision, innovation and style while providing high quality and short delivery times. The panels draw inspiration from current industry trends to create individual, life-curated design concepts. “SIBU is so versatile,” said Collins. “It fits in all sorts of applications – from high-end retail designs on a mass scale to an individual’s home.”

The SIBU Design SL Crashed Old Platin panels pair beautifully with Kerxton’s gray, white and silver color scheme while providing a modern feel. “The best thing about SIBU is that it has a high-end look and feel while still being affordable,” Kerxton said.

William Maddox, a family friend and contractor who installed the SIBU panels, explained, “The application process was so quick and easy! I was nervous at first, but once I put it on the wall I realized how simple it was and the finished product looks great. I love the texture of it.” Kerxton added, “I am very impressed with the finished product and I’m glad we decided to frame the SIBU panels so that they looked like pieces of art. It makes them even more prominent.”

When asked if they would use the SIBU product again, both the homeowner and contractor said “absolutely.” Kerxton said, “I love that the panels just adhere to the wall so that you can take them off and replace them with a different style if you want a different look.” Maddox chimed in saying, “I took photos and want to show this design to other clients. I recommend this product; it’s awesome.”

Within days of finishing the project, Kerxton has already experienced joy and festivities in her finished home. “I could not be happier with this whole experience,” said Kerxton. “I ended up with a truly unique accent wall and have received numerous compliments from friends and family. It has become my favorite room in the house.”

She is looking forward to having her SIBU Design panels shine brightly for many more gatherings this holiday season.

ProjectHaymarket Virginia Residence
Type of ProjectNew home, built in 2018
Contractor William Maddox
REHAU Systems UsedSIBU Design SL Crashed Old Platin
PhotographySean O'Rourke Photography