RAUVISIO crystal slim

RAUVISIO crystal slim | Polymer back-painted glass

With RAUVISIO crystal slim, wall areas in new building and renovation projects can be easily renovated and modernized with a fresh back-painted glass look. Renovation work can be 2x as fast. The panels are simply glued to the wall surface resulting in very few, almost invisible joints.

Your advantages with RAUVISIO crystal slim

REHAU Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal slim: Schlanker Laminataufbau

Slim laminate construction

The system design of RAUVISIO crystal slim allows for a wide range of applications, including kitchen or bath backsplash, shower walls, partition walls or fillers.

REHAU Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal: 50 % leichter als Echtglas

50% lighter than real back-painted glass

RAUVISIO crystal slim is made with lightweight acrylic polymer opening up new dimensions of design possibilities.

REHAU Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal slim: Flexibles Sägen & Bohren

Flexible sawing and drilling

Unlike real glass, RAUVISIO crystal slim can be installed flexibly on site. The exact cut-outs for electrical sockets can be measured and cut at the last minute.

REHAU Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal slim: Für die Sanierung von Fliesenspiegeln geeignet

Ideal for renovation projects

RAUVISIO crystal slim is particularly suitable for renovation projects - even in wet areas. Thanks to the simple processing with woodworking tools, individual on-site cut-outs are possible at any time.

RAUVISIO crystal slim Color Collection

RAUVISIO crystal slim is available in 8 colors, available in both high-gloss and matte finish.

High-gloss V2778
Matte 1696L
High-gloss V2892
Matte 1697L
High-gloss 73703
Matte 1698L
High-gloss 1683L
Matte 1699L
RAUVISIO crystal slim Bianco

RAUVISIO crystal slim Perla

RAUVISIO crystal slim Magnolia

RAUVISIO crystal slim Corniola

High-gloss 1684L
Matte 1700L
High-gloss 1685L
Matte 1701L
High-gloss 1687L
Matte 1703L
High-gloss 1686L
Matte 1702L
RAUVISIO crystal slim Menta

RAUVISIO crystal slim Azzurro

RAUVISIO crystal slim Sabbia

RAUVISIO crystal slim Fumo


Installation of RAUVISIO crystal slim

Renovation: RAUVISIO crystal slim vs. tile

Advantages of RAUVISIO crystal for your end customers

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