Vetro-Line Glass Tambour Doors

Vetro-Line Glass Tambour Door: The fascination with glass

A modern kitchen design is simply not complete without the use of glass materials. REHAU’s Vetro-Line Tambour Door System, combines the easy installation of the REHAU Cassette System and the design element of pure glass for a very refined solution.

The pre-configured cassette system only requires a few screws to secure it in place, and the result is a ready-to-use, premium cabinet. When you combine RAUVISIO crystal Polymer, back-painted glass cabinet doors with Vetro-Line, you can truly achieve a showstopper, trend-setting glass look

The 50 mm system slats are made of tempered glass, withstanding the toughest demands of everyday life. They are easy to care for, do not scratch and create a smooth, flat front.

The frame profiles complete the high-quality appearance with their cool stainless steel finish.

Advantages of the Vetro-Line Glass Cabinet Door

The Vetro-line glass cabinet door system combines the design of real glass with the advantages of a polymer tambour door system. 

Glasschrankrollladen RAUVOLET vetro-line: Maximale Flexibilität

Color-coordinated glass handle

Ensures overall harmonious effect

Glasschrankrollladen RAUVOLET vetro-line: Filigranes Design

Modern design

through reduced frame widths

Glasschrankrollladen RAUVOLET vetro-line: Flächenbündiger Glasrollladen

Flush glass slat system

for a beautiful, flawless design


Slats made of real, tempered glass

to ensure durability and a high-quality look

Glasschrankrollladen RAUVOLET vetro-line: Einfacher Einbau

Easy installation

thanks to the couple screw cassette solution


Order 1 door

with no MOQ greater than a single door

Vetro-Line Specifications

ApplicationVertical kitchen insert
MechanismCassette System C-Box, Screws
FrameStainless Steel
Profile Thickness

3/4 in (19 mm)

Slat Width2 in (50 mm)


(cabinet outside)

23 5/8 x 59 adjustable x 3/4 in

(600 x 1500 adjustable x 19 mm)

Minimum installation depth11 3/4 in (296 mm)


Vetro-Line: White


Vetro-Line: Smoke