RAUVISIO brilliant

RAUVISIO brilliant is the next generation in high-gloss surfaces, surpassing high-quality lacquered boards with a brilliant depth effect. 

Vibrant Color 

Unlike competitive surfaces that use a clear top layer, we color match our PMMA top layer to the laminate. This not only adds depth, but also enhances UV resistance

Seamless Edging Technology 

RAUVISIO brilliant edgebands can be applied using standard edgebanders or further processed into REHAU LaserEdge™, then applied using the latest adhesive-free laser edging technology. The result is a seamless board that rivals solid surface materials and high-end lacquered finishes. 

Perfectly Matched 

The laminate, balancing sheet and edgeband are perfectly matched to each other, producing a high-quality finished board.  combination of matching RAUVISIO surface and REHAU LaserEdge edgeband, the appearance of total seamless integration is created without a visible joint.

Want custom kitchen doors?

RAUVISIO is offered as individual matching components (laminate, balancing sheet and edgeband) or as finished, cut-to-size pressed boards with REHAU LaserEdge applied, making high-gloss available to any woodworking shop without investment in machinery.

Make your design shine bright with vibrant color. 

RAUVISIO brilliant Bianco


RAUVISIO brilliant meringa


RAUVISIO brilliant Magnolia


RAUVISIO brilliant Prugna


RAUVISIO brilliant Vino


RAUVISIO brilliant Moro


RAUVISIO brilliant Cubanite


RAUVISIO brilliant Gabbiano


RAUVISIO brilliant Bigio


RAUVISIO brilliant Rame


RAUVISIO brilliant Cappuccino


RAUVISIO brilliant Notte


From the laminate to the edge, a complete high-gloss solution.

High-Gloss Laminates and Balancing Sheets

  • Laminates and coordinating polystyrene balancing sheets in 4 x 8 ft x 0.8 mm (2,800 x 1,220 x 0.8 mm); ask about additional sizes
  • Vertical-grade, non-PVC material

Pressed Boards

  • High-gloss laminate applied to an MDF substrate
  • Boards in 4 ft x 8 ft x 20 mm (2,800 x 1,220 x 20 mm); ask about additional sizes

High-Gloss Edgebands

  • Selection of edges to match each of the 10 high gloss laminates (23 mm)
  • Can be applied using standard, laser or hot-air technology

Technical Data


Laminate Sheets2800 x 1300 x 0.8 mm
Laminated Boards2800 x 1300 x 18 mm


  • UV-resistant
  • Durable
  • Excellent color quality
  • Seamless gloss finish
  • Heat and moisture resistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAUVISIO brilliant?

High gloss laminate (HGL), comes in 0.8mm sheets or pre-laminated double sided HGL to MDF at ¾” finished thickness.

Is RAUVISIO brilliant suitable for horizontal applications?

RAUVISIO brilliant is suitable for vertical surfaces only.

What are the advantages of RAUVISIO brilliant to other high gloss surfaces?

RAUVISIO brilliant has superior colorfastness (resistance to yellowing from UV exposure) and superior reflective image quality (no orange peel). High gloss laminates, balancing sheets and edgeband are all perfectly matched.

Can RAUVISIO brilliant be laminated like HPL, or other laminates?

Technically yes, but the quality of high gloss surface will suffer. Any imperfections in lamination of high gloss surfaces will be visible, even if the imperfection is the thickness of a human hair. We strongly recommend only PUR lamination to achieve a perfectly flat high gloss surface. All of our pre-laminated boards are PUR laminated in a state-of-the-art clean room environment.

Can RAUVISIO brilliant be postformed?

RAUVISIO brilliant can be postformed with heat - best results when heated to approximately 95C. If the temperature is too low it may cause stress cracks, if the temperature is too high it can cause a wavy surface.

What can be used for edging?

To achieve the intended seamless “invisible joint” between the surface and the edge, REHAU LaserEdge should be used (applied with hot air or laser edgebander). REHAU offers both Mirror Gloss and V-Edge solutions. All of our finished components come with REHAU LaserEdge applied. We do offer matching edgebanding without REHAU LaserEdge, but it will not give the best results.

Does RAUVSIO brilliant have any directionality?

Only the metallic colors have directionality. When applicable, directionality is shown on the protective film with an arrow in the direction of the height/length. 

What size are RAUVISIO brilliant boards?

RAUVISIO brilliant boards come in 1300mm x 2800mm (51”x 110”) and are ¾” thick nominally.

Do RAUVISIO boards come in special packaging?

Boards are shipped on a pallet, sandwiched between top and bottom protective boards. The pallet is banded with polyester strapping, and plastic wrapped. 

Are custom colors available?

Yes, MOQ is 600 sheets, and lead-time is approximately 15 weeks (approx 5 weeks to customer approval, approx 5 weeks to produce, and approx 5 weeks shipping via sea freight). There is a onetime charge of for a custom color. 

RAUVISIO brilliant Cabinet Doors

What materials are used in REHAU Cabinet Doors?

All of our components are laminated onto the highest surface quality MDF available, laminated with PUR hot melt, and laser edgebanded with our matching REHAU LaserEdge. 

Do REHAU Cabinet Doors come with a warranty?

Yes, they come with a 10 year warranty. See warranty for details.

Will REHAU Cabinet Doors have issues in a kitchen environment?

Our finished doors and components are designed to withstand heat and steam from cook tops and dishwashers in close proximity. This is because the MDF core is sealed in from the elements by the PUR glue and the polymer functional layer of the edgeband. We have passed strict European AMK kitchen tests, which test temperature resistance, infiltration of water vapor, humid climate resistance, alternating climate resistance and long term heat storage (4 weeks at 122F (50C) temperature).

What are my options for end panels?

For end panels, the best option is to order finished end panels with the doors.  If this is not viable, then full sized 0.8mm laminate sheets can be purchased separately.  

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