What is FENIX NTM?

With low light reflectivity, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and features a smooth, soft touch.

FENIX NTM - a super opaque nanotech material - is an innovative interior design product, created by Arpa Industriale combining an elegant look with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is produced using next-generation resin developed with nanotechnologies providing innovative properties which open up new avenues in interior design applicaitons.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, FENIX NTM thermally heals any micro-scratches, and is:

  • Highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing and dry heat
  • Withstands impacts, acid-based solvents and household reagents
  • Significantly reduces the bacterial load making its surface hygienic and easy to clean
  • Liquid repellent and mold-proof

From the laminate to the edgeband to fully-finished cabinet doors, REHAU supplies the whole product range from stock in North America.


0029 Bianco Male

0030 Bianco Alaska

0032 Bianco Kos

0716 Rosa Colorado

0717 Castoro Ottawa

0718 Grigio Londra

0719 Beige Luxor

0720 Nero Ingo

0721 Blu Delft

0724 Grigio Bromo

0725 Grigio Efeso

0748 Beige Arizona

0748 Cacao Orinoco

0750 Verde Comodoro

0750 Rosso Jaipur

0752 Grigio Antrim

0754 Blu Fes

2628 Zinco Doha

2629 Bronzo Doha

2630 Piombo Doha

2638 Titanio Doha


Everything you need for any type of project.

0.9 mmAll FENIX NTM rangeStandard



1.2 mmAll FENIX NTM rangeWith matched color core



12.0 mm

All FENIX NTM range

(except 0029, 0030, 0032)

Double sided
black core



0029, 0030, 0032Double sided
white core



The edgeband product range specially matched to FENIX NTM, also available as a laser design, completes the surface.

From the laminate to the edgeband, REHAU supplies the whole product range from stock in North America. Check out our online color search for sizes and availability. 


Versatile and machining-friendly

FENIX NTM has outstanding performance characteristics - machining it is easy and it is very simple to handle. It can be used in different applications, and adapted to both vertical and horizontal applications. It has a slight directionality, only visible in certain lighting conditions which, as a precaution, are indicated on the packaging.


The FENIX NTM 0.9 material can be used for making edges using the same design with a thickness of 1.2 mm or using REHAU ABS or PP edgeband. Polyurethane glue is required for FENIX NTM 1.2 edges. ABS or polymer edges can be glued with hot melt adhesives, by using REHAU LaserEdge with zero-joint edgebanders.

The Thin version of FENIX NTM is a highly versatile material: it can be combined, in addition to generic support materials, e.g. veneered or used with plywood, as well as other media, with materials such as glass, MDF and “superlight” materials.

Machining FENIX NTM Solid is similar to working on high-quality wood or compact laminate. A pantograph with diamond cutters can be used for machining.


FENIX NTM Thin is coated on the medium and consequently does not require special equipment for working which is comparable to HPL laminate. The following cutting tools can be used: panel saws with blades with tungsten carbide inserts; circular saws, circular saw benches. The milling tools include: various portable milling cutters, fixed milling equipment (milling machines or pantographs). Polishing equipment: files, sand paper. Drilling tools: hand tools, pillar tools or a workstation that can both mill and drill (twist bits, hole saws). For the FENIX NTM compact version, we recommend using tools fitted with diamond tips.

Click here and here to download machining instructions.


FENIX NTM is a semi-finished product, consequently the fabricator’s instructions should be followed, according to the different applications and variety of contexts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FENIX NTM?

FENIX NTM® is new, smart nanotech material; it is neither a HPL nor a film or finish.

What Does NTM mean?

Nano Tech Matte

What are the unique properties of FENIX NTM?

The six main properties are: 1) low light reflectivity, extremely matte surface; 2) anti-fingerprint; 3) thermal healing of micro-scratches; 4) soft to the touch; 5) resistance to scratches and abrasions; 6) enhanced anti-bacterial properties. A seventh optional feature is that the 1.2 mm material may be used for self-edge applications to cover the edge seam. This is a major solution to a common issue that sometimes keeps HPL products from being perceived as a material on par with veneers or solid surfacing.

Why is FENIX NTM not included in the Arpa general collection?

FENIX NTM is not included in the Arpa general collection because it is not an HPL product; it is a new, smart material for interior design.

Is FENIX NTM suitable for horizontal applications?

Yes, FENIX NTM is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications.

What is the manufacturing process?

Seventy percent of the FENIX NTM manufacturing process consists of high pressure thermo-lamination; 30% implies the use of technologies and processes, developed exclusively by Arpa Industriale and its partners, which involve the use of next generation resins, nanotechnology and EB (Electron Beam) curing.

What kind of nanotechnology is used for FENIX NTM?

The nanotechnology applied in FENIX NTM results in superior scratch-resistance and the reparability of micro-scratches. FENIX NTM features the superior scratch resistance properties of particles that are so small (nano-sized, smaller than 100 nm) that they are not visible to the naked eye. Applying smart, high-tech processes, these nanoparticles are evenly dispersed into a specifically-developed coating for FENIX NTM. After curing the coating, the nanoparticles are fully integrated and fixed inside the outer layer of FENIX NTM. FENIX NTM is suitable for contact with food (NSF certification).

What is the FENIX NTM core made of?

FENIX NTM is made of paper and thermosetting resins.

How many times can the surface be repaired by thermal healing?

If the structure of the material is not damaged, the thermal healing repair can be made infinitely.

Does the removal of micro-scratches have to be done immediately?

Tests have shown that the removal of micro-scratches with a melamine foam sponge (3M Magic Eraser) can be done both immediately and after 24 hours.

What is the specular reflectance of FENIX NTM?

The surface of FENIX NTM is extremely matte: 0.2 gloss at 20°; 1.5 gloss at 60°; 10 gloss at 85°.

What manufacturing tools are suggested?

Cutting tools: saws with tungsten carbide insert blades, portable circular saws, bench circular saws. Milling tools: various portable cutters, fixed equipment (milling machines or wood machining centers). Smoothing tools: files, sandpaper. Drilling tools: pillar tools, hand tools or a machining center that can mill as well as drill (twist drills, hole cutters). Machining solid FENIX NTM is comparable to machining high quality hardwood. The use of hard metal tools is advised.

What can be used for edging?

Edges may be made using either FENIX NTM 1.2 mm or ABS/PP edgeband developed in partnership with REHAU.  For FENIX NTM 1.2 mm edges, a polyurethane glue has to be used. ABS/PP edgeband can be applied with hot melt adhesives or with new Laser/Hot Air systems.

Is there a postforming grade in the FENIX NTM collection?

A postforming grade is not yet available.

What thicknesses are available?

There are four available thicknesses:

Thin: 0.9 mm and 1.2 mm

Solid: 10 mm and 12 mm

What are the maximum spans for 10 mm and 12 mm self-supporting FENIX?

From support to support the maximum span is 50 cm which is well over a foot and a half. From support to edge the maximum span is 30 cm which is about a foot.

What type of edge shapes are available for 10 mm and 12 mm FENIX solid panels?

Any edge that is available to common compact phenolic panels may also be used for FENIX solid panels. Like the examples pictured below:

What panel sizes are available?

There are two available panel sizes: 4200 mm x 1600 mm (165" x 63") and 3050 mm x 1300 mm (120" x 51")

How many decors are available?

The collection is made of 14 decors: 8 plain colors, 3 iridescents, 2 wood grains, 1 stone

Are project colors available?

Project plain colors can be ordered (minimum quantities required) with a price surcharge.

Which certifications does FENIX NTM have?

FENIX NTM is certified according to NSF (suitable for contact with food), GREENGUARD IAQ (FENIX NTM as a product designed for use in indoor spaces – meets strict chemical emissions guidelines) and IMO MED (FENIX NTM 0.9 mm is suitable for marine equipment).

Does FENIX NTM have a warranty?

Arpa Industriale standard warranty policy is applied.

Is FENIX NTM a trademark?

FENIX NTM® has been a registered trademark by Arpa Industriale since 2013.

What are the installation indications?

FENIX NTM is a semi-finished product, so the transformer’s indications should be followed according to the diverse applications in different contexts.

Does FENIX NTM come in special packaging?

Arpa’s standard packaging is being used for FENIX NTM: pallets for truck transportation and wooden cases for sea transportation.

How much does FENIX NTM weigh?

0.9 mm


Kg. 8.54

1.2 mm


Kg. 11.386

10 mm


Kg. 94.886

10 mm


Kg. 112.325

12 mm


Kg. 113.864

12 mm


Kg. 134.790 

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