Vertical Tambour Door Applications

Mechanism Variations

Variety of Possibilities

C3 Counterbalance
Suitable for all vertical cabinets. Check out our vertical C3 tambour door installation video for step-by-step instructions on installing a C3 tambour door with aluminum track. Or, download the printed instructions.

C6 Counterbalance
Small vertical cabinets with opening from bottom to top can be fitted easily with an active balancing system. A rubber band is a "captured" on the back wall of the cabinet-mounted hooks. Suitable for wood cabinets.

Caddy Brake
With a minimum preparation effort, the caddy brake system is used for openings from top to bottom.

Vertical Brake
Mechanisms are situated to provide braking at the open and close, and also provides a braking effect on both sides of the cabinet and can be adjusted individually.



Tambour door systems suit a wide variety of market applications:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry
  • Entertainment centers
  • Residential and closet cabinetry
  • RTA furniture
  • Retail store fixtures
  • Contract furniture
  • Recreational vehicles and boats
  • Office furniture



  • Wide range of system versions for almost unlimited possibilities in the cabinet design
  • Comprehensive range of accessories with many possible combinations with each other
  • Variety of profile shapes space in an exclusive surface finish

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