The structured laminate

A new structure brings movement into the product line of the surface materials. The structure laminate RAUVISIO wave impresses with its unique wave look. Depending on the light source, it creates fascinating light and shadow effect providing a dynamic surface.

Three-dimensional, decorative, cost-efficient

RAUVISIO wave makes every piece a highlight. The distinctive design is particularly suitable for cabinetry or to retail accents. The wave-like surface looks like a deep-milled and lacquered MDF panel. Since the furniture surface no longer needs to be machined manually, RAUVISIO wave ensures considerable time and cost savings in production.

Why choose RAUVISIO wave?

RAUVISIO wave offers a wide range of advantages - whether for initial processing or post-application.

Flexible Bearbeitung

Flexible Processing

No need to buy something new. RAUVISIO wave can be used with normal woodworking tools.



Vario can be painted to to fit any design requirement.


Easy to clean

Easy cleaning thanks to dirt-resistant coating.


Color stability

High UV resistance

Chemisch beständig

Chemical resistance

High resistance thanks to hard coat coating

Where can I use it RAUVISIO wave?

RAUVISIO wave is perfect for creating distinctive accents in the interior, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or sleeping area.


Strukturlaminat RAUVISIO wave: Anwendung im Wohnbereich
Strukturlaminat RAUVISIO wave: Badmöbel

RAUVISIO wave Colors

REHAU: RAUVISIO wave: Bianco 1744L

Bianco 1744L

REHAU: RAUVISIO wave: Moro 1745L

Moro 1745L

REHAU: RAUVISIO wave: Vario 1746L

Vario 1746L (Paintable)

Availability of RAUVISIO wave

Individual components

RAUVISIO wave: Laminate, edgebanding and boards

Perfectly matched laminate, edgbanding and boards

Pressed boards

Strukturlaminat RAUVISIO wave: Verpresste Großformatplatte

RAUVISIO wave can be supplied on request as a pressed board consisting of structured laminate, MDF board and color-matched backing.

Strukturlaminat RAUVISIO wave: Maßindividuelle Fronten

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