RAUVISIO stone and crystal inspired surfaces

Crown your design in polished perfection, and be a cut above the crowd.

Crown your design in polished perfection. A cut above the crowd.

Any gem or rock can be beautiful on its own, in its rawest form. The nuances of a piece – its colors, variations and reflections – are what make it unique and appealing to the eye.

But taking what nature provided and elevating it through cutting, polishing, carving and honing is a true art form, one mastered by a select few. These experts use their skills to deliver exceptional pieces whose value far surpasses nature’s original offering.

When it comes to gems such as diamonds, it is the quality, cut and shape that determine its ultimate worth. A master gem cutter takes the diamond in its raw form and works carefully, shaping and polishing until the ideal look is achieved. The facets are arranged to make sure the right amount of light enters and reflects from the diamond. The color and facets of the perfected gem deliver an exquisite dance of light and shadows unique to its surroundings.

The right angles

Just as the facets and cut add dimension and interest to a diamond, the right details and angles on a cabinet enhance a room’s overall design. When those details are on a cabinet that adds light and polish to a space, the feeling portrayed can be opulent, yet modern and airy.
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