REHAU Integrated Handles

With accentuated modern lines and unique streamlined styles, our handles are the perfect final touch to creative cabinet designs.

The color collection

REHAU Integrated Handles

REHAU integrated handles personally suit each door or drawer front.  Available in two unique styles and four color options, they provide a soft touch and streamlined aesthetic to complement any modern design.


Hidden Recessed 2 mm - 98917

J Channel 32 mm

Recessed 2 mm

The 2 mm REHAU integrated handle is almost invisible and combines exceptionally well with a flat profile. Also designed for upper cabinets doors.

J Channel 32 mm

The 32 mm REHAU integrated handle features a visible channel in multiple finishes with metallic end caps.

Specifications and sizing



Recessed (2 mm) or
J Channel (32 mm)

MaterialAnodized aluminum, multiple colors
End capsAluminum, color matched

Size parameters

Minimum length12 in (304.8 mm)                                                      
Maximum length109 in (2768.6 mm)
Hidden Recessed 2 mm Drawing - 98909

Recessed 2 mm

Complementary J Channel 32 mm Drawing - 98902

J Channel 32 mm

Matte Black Product Color Cropped - 98921


Matte Anthracite Product Color Cropped - 98918


Matte Champagne Product Color Cropped - 98923


Matte Silver Product Color Cropped - 98927


REHAU Integrated Handles General Image 2 - 98930
IMG_8373_Blended1-Edit-Edit-ColorLook - 1101928
REHAU Integrated Handles General Image 3 - 98931
REHAU Integrated Handles General Image 1 - 98929


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