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Radiant cooling system provides a welcome relief for motorcycle techs at Harley-Davidson® in Liberal, Kansas

A REHAU radiant system was chosen by Liberal Harley-Davidson® to help improve the conditions of their service bays, particularly when the area would become uncomfortable to work in during hot summer months.

The problem was fixed with the installation of a combined radiant heating and cooling system, which allows the area to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Approximately 5,000 ft (1,542 m) of 3/4 in. RAUPEX pipe was used throughout the 4,500 sq ft (418 sq m) concrete slab-on-grade installation with 12 in. on-center spacing.

Designed by Steve Guy, owner of Energy Management Systems, the system is used in combination with chilled water fancoils for dehumidification and air circulation.

Compared with the traditional forced air system in the showroom, the hybrid system provides a much more even temperature throughout the area, therefore making a more optimal working environment.

The technicians appreciate the relief the system provides, especially during the hot summer season.

An additional advantage of radiant cooling is that it eliminates the need for any obvious ductwork, which can often have a negative aesthetic effect. In the service area, the only visible elements are the wall-mounted units.

The project was chosen by the Radiant Professionals Association as one of the top systems of 2008 because of its unique combination of radiant cooling alongside a series of fancoils.

Project:Harley-Davidson® dealership, Liberal, KS
Type of ConstructionCommercial,  renovation
Scope of project:4,500 sq ft of radiant ; 5,000 ft of RAUPEX pipe
Project production manager:Steve Guy
Contractor:Energy Management Systems
REHAU systems used:Radiant cooling, RAUPEX® pipe, compression-sleeve fittings, PRO-BALANCE® manifolds

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