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Lasting mirror-like shine and color vibrancy highlight the best in high-gloss.

Lasting mirror-like shine and color vibrancy highlight the best in high-gloss

Today’s kitchens are trending smaller and sleeker, with functionality and ease of maintenance key components of the design. These elements do not mean scrimping on the wow factor, however, as these spaces provide plenty of dramatic visual impact. Cabinets are often the biggest statement makers, acting as both the backdrop and the anchor for the room’s design. While woods and painted cabinets have made their mark, for an uncluttered, more modern space, high-gloss cabinets are grabbing the spotlight.

High-gloss cabinets often provide a cleaner look, adding a pop of shine and European flair. The polished surface also reflects light across the room, which can make the space appear larger than it is. This is especially true with white cabinets, which are a top seller in high gloss and give the kitchen a light and bright appearance. In addition to their overall sleekness, high-gloss cabinets also provide easy maintenance, wiping clean with a microfiber anti-scratch cloth and water. This is very beneficial in the kitchen, where exposure to grease, humidity and chemical agents pose special challenges. The smooth, shiny surface also inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs.

Choosing high-gloss

There are a variety of options when choosing high-gloss cabinets. Many of the glossiest cabinets are lacquered, an elaborate multi-layered paint process, followed by a multi-layered surface finish application with intense buffing. Using modern surface and edge technology, cabinet builders can now create the look of high-end lacquer using more economical, manufacturing- friendly polymers.

Quality is an important factor when choosing a high-gloss cabinet, because lesser quality doors are prone to surface imperfections, among other issues. Common examples are ripples and an orange-peel effect in the gloss due to inferior laminating techniques and visible seams that can discolor and allow liquid to enter the panel.

Some finishes can also show poor colorfastness over time, with cabinets fading due to UV exposure and other factors. This is very problematic for white cabinets, which are prone to yellowing. Other finishes are susceptible to scratches. This is especially true of darker tones, which show dirt and scratches more quickly than their lighter counterparts.

So, qualities to look for when researching high-gloss surfaces include: superior reflectivity, excellent UV resistance, scratch resistance and a seamless, solid-surface finish for durability.
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