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Why is radiant a great fit for high-performance buildings?  Radiant heating/cooling systems operate with lower supply temperatures than traditional hydronic systems and can be coupled with downsized/optimized ventilation.  For bonus points, integrate a geoexchange for a perfect, low-temperature combination. 

The New Buildings Institute (NBI) noted in a 2017 report, "While forced-air distribution systems remain the predominant approach to heating and cooling in U.S. commercial buildings radiant systems are more often selected by leading designers striving for low-energy and other ‘green’ building outcomes. For example, according to NBI’s Getting to Zero Database, more than half of the successful net zero energy buildings in North America use a radiant system and a survey of 29 advanced Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and near ZNE buildings in CA showed 11 with radiant systems." 

High-performance building is an evolving topic.  Whether you are working on a zero energy building, LEED Platinum targeting project or any other lofty sustainability goal, REHAU is here to help with your next project.  

Path to zero net energy online seminar (8 min.)

"74% of the research buildings were targeting the highest levels of LEED (platinum) and selected radiant distribution systems as part of their approach to optimize energy efficiency." -NBI

Scaling to Zero:

How are building mechanical teams moving toward a zero-energy future? Hosted by REHAU, a panel of sustainable building experts discussed major cities paving the way to zero energy and the role building mechanical teams can play in this important transformation. 

 Watch the archived online seminar here

What is next for high-performance building? These groups are paving the way.

"Our mission is to improve the environmental quality and energy efficiency of buildings by providing timely, unbiased information on building technologies, design and operation strategies."

-Center for the Built Environment

The Center for the Built Environment 

REHAU is an industry partner with the Center for the Built Environment.  As part of a group of industry and government organizations, we support teams of researchers to build a more sustainable future. 

More about the CBE


By volunteering, sponsoring and serving on technical committees, REHAU  and many other partners are committed to clearly defining best practices and a quantifiable path to high-performance building. More about ASHRAE

"To serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields."



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