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Hotel at Black Oaks Casino Resort I Tuolumne, California

Black Oak Casino Resort raises the stakes on energy efficiency, aesthetics with REHAU System 4500 windows

In the heart of the Sierra Foothills, visitors seeking a blend of natural splendor and vibrant entertainment can visit the new Black Oak Casino Resort, featuring a range of dining experiences, music and comedy shows, an arcade and bowling alley, and numerous ways to try one’s luck. In addition, the adjoining 148-room Hotel at Black Oak Casino Resort offers comfort, charm and hospitality that is well-reflective of beautiful surrounding Tuolumne County.

Completed in the spring of 2013, the five-story hotel was designed to incorporate the rustic mountainous landscape while delivering on modern comfort and energy efficiency. “

The property owner, Tuolumne Economic Development Authority (TEDA), was keen on achieving a tight building envelope, and one that would reach high STC ratings and overall thermal efficiency,” explained Pat Pusich, the project architect and principal at Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects. “This was particularly important when considering the winter months, during which the Foothills region can experience significant cold and snow.” To achieve these goals, Pusich and his team specified building envelope elements including insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and high-efficiency uPVC windows. “

We wanted a window solution that provided exceptional thermal performance, while also being attractive and easy to operate,” Pusich said. “Windows with high-quality vinyl profiles were a particularly appealing option, as the insulating properties of a polymer-based product supersede those of conductive aluminum. In addition, we were excited about the possibility of sourcing European-style windows for this project directly from a ‘Made in America’ source.”

Working with REHAU window and door fabrication partner ECO Windows, Pusich recommended a total of 185 System 4500 tilt-turn and fixed windows, as well as a single 14-ft. wide System 4500 tilt-slide door, to TEDA. “

The commercial-grade steel reinforcements in the design of the System 4500 made it possible to deliver on the large sizes – up to 9 feet by 5 feet – required by the project, while also achieving the desired STC 35 rating, as well as the required 0.27 U-value,” said ECO Windows principal Roman Masznicz. “The REHAU System 4500 design was ideal for this project as it met a very specific set of parameters,” said Ralph Childs, REHAU Western region sales manager. “In addition to the range of sizes and high-performance ratings available, the System 4500 was available in a clay-colored profile that was a perfect aesthetic complement to the nature-inspired building design. Also, the customer liked the flexibility of being able to allow guests to tilt the windows open for fresh air, while providing unlocking capabilities for housekeeping staff to fully open the windows for cleaning.” 

"The robust and highly insulating construction measures employed, including the REHAU windows, have resulted in an exceptionally quiet environment in all our guest rooms,” said Jim Briscoe, project director for TEDA, Inc. “In our opinion, the project couldn’t have gone better, and we achieved everything we’d hoped to in sourcing and installing a high-quality, high-performance window solution from a regional supplier,” Pusich said. “We will definitely look for ways in which to incorporate window and door solutions from REHAU in future projects.”

Project:Hotel at Black Oaks Casino Resort, Tuolumne, CA
Type of construction:Hotel, completed in 2013
Scope of project:185 windows, 1 door
Architect:Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects
Manufacturer: ECO Windows
REHAU systems used:

System 4500 tilt-turn

Fixed window

System 4500 tilt-slide door

Engineering progress

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