Whirlpool Audit Deems REHAU Plant "Ready to Grow"


Whirlpool recently conducted a detailed quality system audit of REHAU's Plant Monterrey to evaluate areas such as leadership, skills and competencies, the quality of incoming goods, product control and more. The plant produces gaskets for Whirlpool appliances.

On a grading scale of 0-5, each of the areas audited achieved a score high enough for the plant to be considered a “low-risk” supplier that is “ready to grow” by Whirlpool’s standards. In other words, Whirlpool deems Plant Monterrey ready for new business.

Though Whirlpool has required quality system audits of its suppliers for many years, this latest one is tied to a new Global Supplier Quality Manual issued by Whirlpool, and enforces a more stringent level of quality requirements.

The new audit result for REHAU is valid throughout Whirlpool's global company structure and is good for five years.

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