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“I love the tension created between the old brick and the new windows, sleek cabinetry and rustic wood details...The buttery smooth finish of the cabinets is perfect amidst the other textures."

-- Brooke Voss, Designer at Ingrained Wood Studios

Ingrained Wood Studios | North Loop Residence | Minneapolis

Modern Matte of Revives Condominium in Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis is a hot spot for remodeling and design innovation as of late. In the city’s northwest region lies the North Loop Warehouse District, which is currently undergoing major transformations from outdated industrial buildings to stylish condominiums. Naturally, the mix between old and new is significant here, and is especially present in this condominium remodeling project.

During a first wave of urban renewal, the original early 1900s warehouse buildings gave way to a series of condominiums heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. Clear maple cabinetry and trim was the common standard. “People are now spending money to update these condos to a more modern look,” said General Contractor Don Forsman of Welch Forsman Associates.

The design goal of this particular remodeling project was to pay homage to the industrial heritage of the building while injecting a layer of modernity. Without reinventing the entire layout of the apartment, the homeowners wanted better-looking materials to enhance the older elements of the space. FENIX NTM cabinet doors by REHAU fit the bill perfectly.

Designer Brooke Voss and Cabinetmaker Chad Johnson of Ingrained Wood Studios chose to explore the current mixed materials trend. “We were looking for modern surfaces, and the mix of the wood and matte was something new,” recalled Johnson.

The contrast between the soft matte of the FENIX NTM Grigio Bromo and the rough industrial materials was stunning. “I love the tension created between the old brick and the new windows, sleek cabinetry and rustic wood details,” said Voss. “The buttery smooth finish of the FENIX NTM cabinets is perfect amidst the other textures.

Not only is the matte finish visually attractive, it is also functionally appealing due to its high-tech properties and durability. One of the reasons that Voss was eager to use the surface was the homeowners’ passion for cooking. “My goal was a sleek, but not shiny material that would be able to handle heavy use,” said Voss.

Thanks to its best-in-class nanotechnology, FENIX NTM resists heat, chemicals, scratches, fingerprints and warping. The matte surface also has thermal-healing properties and is very easy to clean. Seamless, joint-free edging is another standout feature, courtesy of REHAU LaserEdge technology. “The edgebanding detailing on the panels is a remarkable piece of engineering,” said Forsman. “People really notice that FENIX NTM looks like a solid material. It is so much better than a painted product, because it gives everything a super-rich color detail.”

The finish of the FENIX NTM matte surface is a fan favorite, and it did not disappoint in this Minneapolis condominium. “I’m thrilled with the way the space turned out,” said Voss, and it is evident that the homeowners were as well. “They were giddy about the whole thing,” stated Forsman. Johnson summed up this beautiful remodel well: “It looks like a million bucks.”

ProjectNorth Loop Residence, Minneapolis
Type of ProjectCondominium remodel, completed 2018
General Contractor Welch Forsman Associates
DesignerBrooke Voss Design
Cabinet MakerIngrained Wood Studios
DistributorHoldahl Company
REHAU Systems UsedFenix NTM® Grigio Bromo with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology
PhotographyAlyssa Lee Photography

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