Mastering modern part II: 4 traits of modern windows

The trend of modern design doesn’t just apply to interiors.

Modern windows take interior design elements and use them to create a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Master modern design with windows

When thinking about modern or contemporary design, the mind often jumps straight to interior design, where it’s easy to see the minimalism, clean lines and bold accents that are its hallmarks. But the trend of modern design doesn’t just apply to interiors. Modern windows take interior design elements and use them to create a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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White window frames are a thing of the past, at least in modern design. Today’s homeowners want the option to choose between lots of different colors and really personalize their home.

A current trend is to have black or a darker color on the outer frame, with a lighter neutral color on the inside of the home.

REHAU windows come in an enormous variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize your home exactly the way you want it.

Eliminate the divide: Windows with slim, dark-colored frames and a large, uninterrupted glass surface aim to eliminate the divide between the inside and outside at the .


Modern design is all about straight lines for a clean, contemporary look. Instead of mimicking traditional millwork windows, modern uPVC windows, such as the REHAU ASPEKTTM casement, have a flat surface that embodies the sleek style of modern, high-gloss Italian kitchen cabinets, vaulted ceilings and uncluttered decor..


Making a home one with the landscape is a common theme in modern design; this often demands larger window and door openings that let in more light and make the outdoors feel closer.

Normally, to get sufficient strength to support a larger glass surface, you need a thick window frame. But REHAU windows are built with steel inside the uPVC frames, allowing for a larger glass surface while keeping the frames slimmer.

Styles that are particularly useful in modern design are European tilt-turn windows, that don’t have sash rails in the middle to interrupt the view, and bifold doors capable of building much larger units than the typical American sliding patio door.

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In addition to looking great, modern design is also about being highly functional. Modern windows need to hold their own for years, without the vail of elaborate window treatments. The clean lines of modern window frames take a big step in the right direction, by eliminating bevels and other 3D design elements that collect dirt and grime. You’ll also want to look for low-maintenance materials that resist fading and yellowing, such as the proprietary uPVC formulation with its super-smooth, high-definition finish used in REHAU windows and doors. 

Blackbirch, a cottage in Central Ontario, is a great example of modern design in a demanding climate. If you’re working on a modern home design, we’d love to put you in touch with one of our local manufacturers to create custom, modern windows that are perfect for your project.

By Madeline Lewis, REHAU Communications

Photos by Bradley Netkin, STAMP architecture and Christopher Meiorin, Euro Vinyl Windows

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