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Enhances design elements and add sophisticated style

Matte enhances design elements and adds sophisticated style

There are a seemingly endless number of challenges that homeowners face when taking on the creation of a new kitchen, and choosing the right combination of elements that will result in a harmonious design is among the toughest. Products selected must work together to fit the client’s lifestyle, provide ease of maintenance and, of course, reflect the unique personality of the user.

While traditional and transitional are still part of the design-style mix, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for the clean, sleek lines associated with a more modern aesthetic. Trending finishes such as contemporary brass and high gloss elegantly juxtapose with weathered woods and matte surfaces in today’s modern kitchen.

Among these trending looks, matte finishes are arguably the hottest right now. Initially beginning with just touches in the room – such as accessories and hardware – matte is now featured on everything from faucets to appliances.

Interestingly, one of the reasons matte finishes are getting so much play is the way they interact with the other trending finishes. High-gloss and shiny surfaces add a touch of bling and have the ability to make a room feel larger due to their light-reflecting abilities. But too much shine can impart a too-formal feel that needs to be tempered, so honed countertops and matte faucets are often added to the mix to provide a relaxed feel. The matte present in these designs actually works to enhance the reflective elements, providing an understated backdrop to let the others shine.

For those who don’t gravitate toward the shiny side, matte provides an elegant alternative to the sparkle. It pairs well with wood elements, as well as natural stone, and adds a textural element that works well with these rustic surfaces.

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In its natural progression from accessories to faucets to appliances, matte has now found its way to cabinets, the anchor of kitchen design. Its subtle presence adds a sophisticated element that, although it is on trend, still looks haute couture.

Matte cabinets work within the kitchen on a variety of levels. A reflection of contemporary design, the non-glossy surface highlights the object it adorns.

Although minimalistic, matte cabinets draw attention because there is nothing to detract from them. Chic and modern, this cabinet finish also offers the bonus of minimizing the appearance of dirt, fingerprints and smudges. And, in addition to working with a number of other finishes within the kitchen, matte’s subtle appearance works well in large, open floor plans where glossy cabinets may compete with other elements.

Though matte is garnering tremendous interest across the board, many homeowners remain unsure of how to effectively use this finish within the design for best effect. And, when it comes to committing to matte cabinetry, the anxiety increases.

This is where REHAU comes in, offering “approachable mattes.” REHAU is delivering cabinet matte for America, direct from the European trade show floor to the home.

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