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From hydronic mechanical applications such as radiant heating and cooling systems to PEX plumbing for multifamily and commercial projects, REHAU engineers and manufactures a full spectrum of integrated PEXa-based products and services that bring together the best in durability, performance and sustainability.

REHAU’s award-winning solutions are built on decades of engineering and manufacturing experience and provide support for projects ranging from education to aviation and apartment complexes to sports facilities. Our European-inspired products were revolutionary when we first introduced them to the North American market in 1976, and they’re even more groundbreaking today as we continue to innovate, using premium polymer materials at our in-house production facilities to ensure the utmost in quality, performance and efficiency.

Radiant Heating & Cooling

REHAU hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems provide uniform thermally comfortable spaces that are up to 35 percent more efficient than forced air systems. They do so by circulating heated or cooled water through a network of RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene PEXa pipes installed out of sight (i.e., in floors, walls or ceilings). While air is essential for ventilation, handling as much of the building’s heating and cooling load with radiant maximizes efficiency because water transfers energy more effectively than air. Our hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems maintain even, comfortable temperatures in a variety of spaces and applications. This is the system of choice for more than 50 percent of zero-net-energy buildings. 

Upfront investment in radiant systems immediately provides better comfort and control, while for the long-term, reduces operating costs and simplifies maintenance. This results in a favorable ROI for commercial buildings owners.

Customers include Infosys Software, a Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Ontario, and the FedEx Air Hangar in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Geo-exchange, or in lay terms geothermal, systems are among the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. The RAUGEOTM ground loop heat exchange system offers a unique design and innovative materials allowing the system to capitalize on the earth’s ability to provide and store heat energy. Aided by a ground source heat pump, our RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange system utilizes the earth as a heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer, reducing the energy required to reach the desired indoor temperature. Installation of these systems is simple and safe, and project owners may be able to take advantage of tax incentives for installing these eco-friendly systems.

In both heating and cooling modes, the geothermal system can perform up to three times more efficiently than a conventional system, resulting in significantly reduced operating costs.

By lowering energy consumption,  geo-exchange systems are able to reduce the greenhouse effect, as seen in the installation of the RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange at Arcadia University or at LUMENHAUS at Farnsworth House, a zero-net-energy home created by Virginia Tech.

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Snow & Ice Melting

Conventional snow removal is a labor-intensive process that can leave you with heaps of residual snow and ice. The REHAU hydronic snow and ice melting (SIM) system was designed to solve both of these problems while in many cases being less expensive to operate, easier to maintain and safer for building occupants and visitors as well as the environment.

The system goes to work automatically at the first sign of snow or ice, when a series of long-lasting, flexible PEX pipes circulate a heated solution (usually water + glycol) beneath the surface (e.g., brick, asphalt, cement, etc.). The REHAU SIM system also improves the safety of walkways and roadways. By eliminating potentially dangerous frozen elements from highly trafficked areas, it reduces the potential for liability claims against property owners.

Our SIM systems have been installed in mixed-use residential and retail spaces, like this town center in Vail, Colorado, as well as parking lots and sidewalks, like at this Canadian casino.

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Pre-insulated Piping

INSULPEX® pre-insulated PEX piping provides a durable, flexible and highly efficient solution for transferring heated or chilled fluid through buried pipelines. Made from PEXa pipe surrounded by foam insulation, it has a durable corrugated polyethylene outer jacket..

REHAU pre-insulated piping offers a continuous piping system that minimizes energy loss and increases cost savings to the owner.

Unlike rigid copper or pre-insulated steel piping systems, this easy-to-install piping system is flexible enough to work around existing utilities, obstructions and elevation changes. As a result, some previous customers have reported labor savings of up to an hour per fitting.

REHAU pre-insulated PEX piping is a solution for:

  • District heating
  • Chilled water
  • Process piping
  • Hydronic piping
  • Geo-exchange
  • Outdoor wood boilers

Previous customers include the Denver ZooSteamboat Springs Promenade and PlazaFort Lewis College and more.

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Hydronic Piping

Many conventional hydronic pipes provide a quality system for transferring water from heating or cooling sources to terminal units. The REHAU hydronic piping system – comprising RAUPEX® Obarrier pipe, EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve fittings and galvanized steel support channels – goes a step further to deliver premium efficiency and reliability.

With long coils of flexible PEXa piping and the immediately completed expansion/compression connection process, installation times and labor costs are reduced. Our innovative fitting, designed for no-leak security, combines with the durability of PEXa pipe to deliver exceptional reliability.

Unlike alternative systems (e.g., copper), PEXa pipe will not pit, scale or corrode over time, maintaining consistent performance long after the initial installation. The clean, professional look and ease of installation of these systems have made them the top choice for many companies.

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With a reputation for durability and innovation, REHAU PEXa systems have been the trusted choice of plumbers and contractors around the world for more than 40 years. The REHAU PEXa plumbing system comes with EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve technology, which expands the pipe for fittings and locks the textured compression sleeve over both the pipe and the fitting. It’s one of the fastest installation methods in the industry.

The REHAU PEXa plumbing system requires fewer fittings than metal piping, which not only saves on labor and installation costs but also reduces the risk for potential leaks. There is zero waiting time for pressure testing with these systems, and they are widely regarded as one of the easiest to maintain on the market.

Designed to provide years of quiet, consistent flow and water pressure, the REHAU PEXa plumbing system has been installed in locations from Texas to Canada

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Turf Conditioning

The REHAU turf conditioning system keeps playing fields at peak performance year-round.

Durable RAUPEX crosslinked polyethylene PEXa pipes buried beneath the root system enable a heated water-based solution to circulate, gently warming the root zone to create optimal field temperatures in every sports season.

The benefits of healthy turf include creating a safer playing surface for athletes, extending the playing and practice seasons, and creating beautiful, natural grass for an improved fan experience.

The REHAU turf conditioning system is customizable to each field. Sophisticated controls enable multiple zoning, controlled turf dormancy and remote access options that allow you to manage the field at home or away.

REHAU has installed turf conditioning systems in more than 200 stadiums worldwide, including the Sports Authority Field at Mile High and the Denver Broncos Practice Fields.

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Municipal Piping

Specially engineered for the municipal industry, REHAU MUNICIPEX® family which includes water service line, force main and pre-insulated piping has been a leading solution for municipal piping to homes and businesses for more than 25 years. Made from flexible PEXa piping — which is six times lighter than copper and safer to handle — the lines easily connect to standard AWWA C800 fitting as well as electrofusion fittings. 

Unlike other water service lines that need to be replaced frequently, MUNICIPEX lines are resistant to corrosion and mineral buildup, chlorine and chemicals, freezing, as well as impact and abrasion.

REHAU municipal piping lines are faster to install than rigid plastics and metals, with fewer connections and fittings that help cut down on labor time and costs. The reliability and easy installation of these lines have made them the ideal solution for numerous municipalities, including the city of Saint-Zotique in QuebecTennessee’s Blount County and more.

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