REHAU PEXa Potable Water Service Pipe

Renovation of Water Supply System in Numerberg with Impact Mole

Project description:
Renovation of potable water service pipes; one main supply line, two house connections.
Laufamholz Kirchensteig 2, 4, 6
90482 Nuremburg, Germany

System used:
106 m REHAU PEXa potable water service pipe made of crosslinked polyethylene
(80 m 63 x 5.8 SDR 11; 13 m 50 x 4.6 SDR 11; 13 m 40 x 3.7 SDR 11)

N-Ergie Nuremberg
Am Plärrer 43
90429 Nuremberg

Installation company:
Mennicke Rohrbau GmbH
Rollnerstraße 180
90425 Nuremberg

Rehabilitation measures are increasingly required in Nuremberg due to old, corroding drinking water lines. Among others, two detached dwellings in the Nuremberg urban district Laufamholz are affected. Renovation of the approximately 50-year-old metal pipes requires a fast, underground installation. The soil is sandy (soil class 3). This makes it more difficult to pull through the pipes as the soil may compact again quickly as soon as the old pipes have been removed from the soil. .

With the use of potable water service lines made of PEXa from REHAU, the specifiers have found a viable solution for the future. It was possible to complete the work promptly in combination with using the impact mole installation method. In comparison to pipes made of ordinary PE 100, REHAU PEXa pipes are considerably more durable, safer and more reliable in trenchless installations.