Give your business the edge with REHAU EDGE!

The REHAU EDGE Contractor Development Program promotes teamwork and communication among our channel partners. Team members share and support common goals -- increased business success, professional development and market awareness.


Are you a contractor installing REHAU PEXa systems in the US and Canada? If so, you are eligible to join the REHAU EDGE program. There are no membership fees! All you have to do is complete and submit your application.

Experience how the REHAU EDGE program boosts all aspects of your business growth through training, product and tool incentives, design services, brand merchandise and local, regional and national events.

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Team Events

During local, regional and national events, you will meet fellow team members from REHAU corporate offices, REHAU sales offices, manufacturer's representatives and wholesalers. You will have the opportunity to develop professional relationships at all levels of the business.

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Design Services

REHAU offers state-of-the-art design software and services which will help you provide your customers with the most comfortable and efficient systems. As you become more knowledgeable about system design, your customers will rely on you for expert advice.

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Product and Tool Incentives

REHAU has been offering high-quality PEXa products for sustainable building systems for more than 40 years. Contractors are eligible for free pipe and tools based on their membership level, and may also receive special wholesaler discounts available only to REHAU EDGE members.

Branded Merchandise

REHAU is a premium brand. As a result, contractors who install REHAU PEXa systems are recognized as respected professionals who regard quality above all else. You will receive merchandise and marketing materials that will help you promote the messages of the REHAU brand to your customers.

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REHAU Academy Seminars

The REHAU Academy training program offers you the skills to design and install REHAU products professionally. You will be able to sell more efficient geothermal and heating solutions to your customers using this industry leading technical knowledge. This knowledge also helps to minimize liability exposure

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  • One membership account is awarded per company.
  • To be eligible for benefits, you are responsible for submitting your proof of REHAU purchases.
  • You must be in good standing with your wholesalers to qualify for enrollment and continued membership.
  • REHAU EDGE offers six member levels. The program is open to all officially qualified contractors located in the US and Canada.
  • All members have the opportunity to upgrade to the Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum or Platinum Elite level by reaching the required minimum purchase amounts at participating wholesalers during each year.
  • Regardless of date of enrollment, purchases are retroactive to January 1 of that year with proof of purchase.
  • The program period runs from January 1 through December 31 each year. All benefits must be redeemed by February 28 of the following year. Any unused benefits are forfeited after February 28.


Bronze Member

Members can redeem up to five benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list.

Diamond Member

Members can redeem up to 20 benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list and are eligible for participation in the Regional VIP event.**

Silver Member

Members can redeem up to 10 benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list.

Platinum Member

Members can redeem up to 25 benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list and may qualify for one of the REHAU EDGE VIP trip event categories.**

Gold Member

Members can redeem up to 15 benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list.

Platinum Elite Member

Members can redeem up to 30 benefit points from the REHAU EDGE benefits list and may be eligible for participation in the National VIP event.**


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REHAU EDGE Testimonial - Knisely

REHAU EDGE Testimonial - Motta

REHAU EDGE Testimonial - Power River

REHAU EDGE Testimonial


If you have additional questions, concerns or comments, reaching us is easy by email, phone, fax or postal mail. Please use the following contact information for the REHAU EDGE coordinator in your area.

REHAU Sales Office

EDGE Contact Name


Phone / Fax


New England

Maine, New Hampshire,

Vermont, Massachusetts,

Rhode Island, Connecticut

Kinzey Fetterolf

Ph (800) 297-6371

Fax (800) 298-8914


Mid Atlantic / Southeast

Kinzey Fetterolf

Ph (800) 297-6371

Fax (800) 298-8914



Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,

Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri,

Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma,

South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin

Lori Hanson

Ph (800) 297-6371

Fax (612) 253-6303


West Coast

Kristi Cordesius

Ph (800) 944-1011

Fax (951) 549-9018



New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,

Newfoundland and Labrador,

Prince Edward Island

Annamarie Boyd

Ph (800) 565-7342

Fax (506) 538-7458


QuebecAngelo Tasillo

Ph (800) 361-0830

Fax (514) 905-0490


OntarioLucy Marques

Ph (800) 561-9609

Fax (905) 335-1112


Manitoba and


Lori Hanson

Ph (800) 297-6371

Fax (612) 253-6303


British Columbia and AlbertaLori Hanson

Ph (800) 297-6371

Fax (612) 253-6303