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Discover the benefits of REHAU PEXa piping systems in your next project.

From hydronic mechanical applications such as radiant heating and cooling systems to PEX plumbing for multifamily and commercial projects, REHAU engineers and manufactures a full spectrum of integrated PEXa-based products and services that bring together the best in durability, performance and sustainability.



The smart alternative to copper and other polymers.

RAUPEX® PEXa pipe is proven in durability while saving money on both materials and installation. It also offers added flexibility and precision during project planning, while achieving excellent long-term flow performance and water quality. 




Secure connections in minutes EVERY time in ANY weather.

The REHAU PEXa plumbing system enables quick, easy connections that are instantly ready for pressure testing. Installers master the consistent EVERLOC+ technique after just a few connections. And with easy visual verification, leaks based on overlooked dry-fitted connections are ancient history.

EVERLOC+ is already turning heads in the residential market. So why not run the numbers – copper versus EVERLOC+ – for your next commercial or multi-family project?

We’ll help you every step of the way, from spec and design to training to on-site support.



Specifically designed around the needs of the fire sprinkler contractor. 

REHAU provides its FIREPEX™ residential fire sprinkler system, combining all the benefits of a PEX-based piping system with the traditional installation techniques and configurations familiar to fire-sprinkler professionals. The system comprises FIREPEX tees and elbows used to form connections to commercially available fire sprinklers, RAUPEX white UV shield crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe and EVERLOC+ fittings available in 3/4 in. through 2 in. FIREPEX systems are approved for use in a variety of residential applications including single-or two-family homes, town homes, modular homes and manufactured housing.


Above Floor Panels

REHAU's RAUBOARD underfloor radiant heating system.

The most responsive indoor comfort solution.

REHAU above floor radiant heating panels lead the radiant market in energy efficiency, with a choice of radiant panels that addresses the simplest to the most demanding projects. 


Below Floor Plates

REHAU RAUPLATE Radiant Heating

Maximum heat transfer efficiency.

These double-channel heat transfer are designed to save time during the installation process and to deliver the warm comfort of radiant heating without altering existing flooring.



REHAU RAUPEX SPEED Radiant Heating Installation

Speeds installation by as much as 30%.

Used in floors to efficiently and evenly distribute heat/cold from RAUPEX SPEED pipe into the room, this hook-and-loop system can be installed in a normal concrete slab-on-grade, suspended slab or thin slab overpour. 



REHAU RAUMAT Radiant Heating Mat System

Customized and delivered for accurate, easy installation.

Radiant heating mats are ideal for commercial building projects with large open slab areas. RAUMAT Radiant Heating Mat System is RAUPEX O2 Barrier pipe pre-assembled onto mats that are delivered ready to roll out on the jobsite. 



Setting the standard for the industry. 

Designed and built with the professional heating contractor in mind, these reliable manifolds take the guesswork out of installations. PRO-BALANCE manifolds come pre-assembled and are available in a wide range of outlets. They make zoning easy to achieve without additional piping.


RAUGEO Ground Loop Heat Exchange

Tap into natural energy from the earth.

The REHAU RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange system taps into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties, delivering clean, renewable energy used to heat and cool indoor spaces. When installed properly, a REHAU closed-loop geothermal system is practically maintenance-free; the buried ground loop of PEXa piping will last for generations.



Minimize temperature changes during energy transfer.  

As an alternative to rigid piping systems, INSULPEX pre-insulated PEXa piping features flexible PEXa O2 Barrier pipe surrounded by CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation and a durable corrugated PE outer jacket. The pipe's smooth interior wall provides superior flow and resists mineral build-up. 

INSULPEX is an ideal energy transfer piping for snow and ice melting applications, district heating, geothermal, process piping and more. 



MUNICIPEX Product Line

Engineered for durable, reliable municipal service lines.

MUNICIPEX water service line is manufactured by REHAU using our high-pressure peroxide method for crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) piping. The result is a chemical- and corrosion-resistant piping for water and sewer service, backed by more than 45 years of experience and a 25-year limited warranty.