Fire Sprinkler

With FIREPEX from REHAU, the new generation of residential fire sprinkler systems has arrived.

The purpose of FIREPEX is to provide a sprinkler system that aids in the detection and control of residential fires, thus offering improved protection against injury and loss of life.

REHAU FIREPEX residential fire sprinkler system serves the requirements for fire sprinkler systems as defined by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 13D Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two- Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes and the International Residential Code Section (IRC) P2904.

A sprinkler system that is designed and installed in accordance with this standard is expected to prevent flashover (total involvement of the fire) in the room of fire origin, where sprinklered, and to improve the chance for occupants to escape or be evacuated.

How it Works

REHAU FIREPEX system offers fittings that enable the installation of a PEXa-based solution – enhancing a contractor’s comfort level with the system and improving cost efficiency.

The system works by carrying water through RAUPEX white UV shield pipes to fire sprinklers that are connected by FIREPEX tees and elbows. When heat activate the fire sprinkler, a valve opens, allowing pressurized water from the pipe system to flow out.

Combining the flexibility of RAUPEX pipe and the security of EVERLOC+ fitting technology, our FIREPEX residential fire sprinkler system has all the same benefits as our installer-friendly PEX plumbing system. The unique flexibility of PEXa pipe reduces the number of joints required compared to rigid piping systems, while also enabling the use of compression-sleeve fittings that provide superior flow and security compared to insert fittings. In addition, the FIREPEX fittings have an integrated mounting bracket that speeds installation.

FIREPEX is solely for use in fire sprinkler systems as defined by NFPA 13D and IRC P2904. REHAU pipe and fittings are to be installed in accordance with this standard and the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

FIREPEX Benefits

  • Integrated mounting bracket
  • Flexible for fewer connections
  • Secure connections
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Freeze-break resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • 25-year limited warranty

Plus, FIREPEX can be tested immediately due to no cure time.


Passive Purge Sprinkler System

As defined in NFPA 13D, passive purge systems serve a single toilet in addition to the sprinkler system.

Stand-Alone Sprinkler System

In a stand-alone system, as defined in NFPA 13D, the above ground piping serves only fire sprinklers.

Multipurpose Sprinkler Systems

Multipurpose systems are defined in NFPA 13D and P2904 as a piping system intended to serve both fire sprinklers and domestic plumbing needs. A multipurpose system integrates the piping connected to a water supply with sprinklers that automatically discharge water over a fire area. All piping in a multipurpose system supplying sprinklers must be listed or conform to the piping specifications in NFPA 13D or IRC P2904.